Getting To Know Cassie Demay

Cassie is a native Detroiter and has been a part of the Nine9 family for just over two years. Cassie also enjoys biking, ice skating, swimming and yoga. She is an avid theater fan and is studying Social Sciences at the University of Southern California.
What was your favorite casting experience with Nine9?
I submitted myself regularly, and one day I came across the Dinner Detective Troy and attended their auditions. The entire audition process was so fun because the Dinner Detective show is mostly improv based so that dinner guests are interactive with the actors. We played tons of improv games and invented fictional products to present in front of the other actors, and I was so excited to get cast into the ensemble afterwards! I got a free four course meal every performance, got paid a flat rate plus tips, and eventually started Co-Hosting! If you haven’t been to a Murder Mystery Dinner, they are so worth the money!
What was your first ‘big break’ and how did it come about?
I definitely wouldn’t call it a ‘big break’, but I remember a few specific moments during my Undergrad that really boosted my confidence in acting and paved the way for me to continue pursuing the industry. I had been in live plays for years during Elementary, Middle School, and High School. But after a few plays in Undergrad, I had school Program Directors requesting that I audition because they enjoyed my work, and local photographers approaching me to see if I would be interested in shooting with them. Sometimes it takes hearing it from someone else to really believe that you have a talent.
What would you say is your biggest achievement so far and why?
My biggest achievement is definitely staying in school as long as I have. This May, I’m going to graduate with honors for my Masters of Arts in Gerontology from USC and I am so thankful for making it this far. I can’t imagine a life without learning and I definitely attribute so much of my success to the education I’ve received and the support of my family along the way. Hoping to get a scholarship for a Doctorate degree, we’ll see!
How do you like to stay fit/active?
I live in an old urban apartment building, so that means walking a quarter of a mile between the apartment and our parking lot plus the 6 flights of stairs up to our door every time I leave home. However hard I try to convince myself that it is legitimate exercise, it definitely isn’t enough exercise, so I have a gym membership where I focus on cardio and core strength a few times a week. When I don’t feel like making it to the gym, I try to make up for those lost fitness opportunities by eating lighter foods during the day and playing with my pets until they get irritated.
What’s your favorite food?
Although I am passionate about Breakfast food as a whole, my favorite food is Coconut Curry Chicken. I love making it at home and bringing it in to work the next day! I found the recipe in “Joy of Cooking” a few years ago and altered it. It has quickly become a favorite with my Significant Other and my friends, just thinking about it now has me thinking about my dinner lineup for the week!
Tell me something about you not many people know.
I’ve always had an interest in stand-up Comedy, but never pursued it because I had no desire to make a professional career out of it. My family has such a talent for comedic storytelling, and we were always in and out of the hospital because of my Mom’s Breast Cancer when I was a kid, so we were always doing our best to put a smile on the faces of the other patients in the Chemotherapy center. I quickly learned that even making someone laugh can make such a tremendous difference in a person’s life, so it has become part of my personality and I absolutely love to see people smile!
What do you like doing in your free time?
During my free time, I either stay inside and drown myself in technology & DIY projects or enjoy time outside. I’m a huge nature buff, so things like walking outside, camping trips, and travelling recharge my batteries and get me back on track when I get too bored with my regular day to day stuff.
What Nine9 program do you feel you’ve benefited from the most? (ie: Meet & Greets, Castings department, etc.)
Although the Workshops are super helpful, I have really benefited most from my photo shoot and the Castings department. Obviously having professional photos helped me at auditions and submissions because I look more experienced, especially if other people are auditioning who don’t have nice pictures. And without the Nine9 Castings department, I wouldn’t have auditioned for the Dinner Detective, which landed me extra money for months.
What is your favorite outfit to wear to auditions?
Black, well-fitted pants (stretchy and comfortable in case the audition requires lots of movement)
Black comfortable shoes: booties for Winter, fashion sneakers for most other seasons
Top: bright colored tank top with 3/4 length blazer for most seasons, maroon tunic length sweater for Winte
If Nine9 could set you up with a dream role/gig, what would it be?
Landing a role on a comedy like Parks & Recreation or The Office would be amazing! I would love to get paid to be ridiculous and sarcastic. Even being a body double for Ellie Kemper for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or a background role for a serious show like Game of Thrones would be amazing!