DC Model on the Rise: Meet Nandi

Check out Nandi from our office in Washington DC. Nandi joined the Nine9 family in November of 2017. With her she brought over 9 years of Hip-Hop dance experience and musical vocal training as well! Since coming aboard Nandi has been out for multiple castings including bookings for DC Fashion Week and promotional modeling for Always Fun Casinos.

What was your first big break? 
My first big break would have to be the DC Fashion Week event I participated in this year. It gave me so much experience & exposure, I felt I became a real model. Then I finally knew what being a model really takes.

Any advice for people wanting to act/model? 
My advice to anyone out there wanting to be a public figure would be get as much exposure & knowledge on the area you wanna be in, and study other models to reach requirements.

What would you be, if not an actor or model? 
I would want to be a food critic or Newscaster. I love, love, love food! You can’t survive without it. So many different tastes, it’s exciting to judge what you think. I just want to be on television News-casting, plus people have told me I have the voice for it!

Nandi at an Always Fun Casino event

Nandi at an Always Fun Casino event

What Nine9 program have you benefited most from? 
I would say the castings helped me a lot! They have sent me a lot of jobs, so I have gained a lot of experience in the beginning of my career to learn & grow from.

What is your routine going into a audition? 
My audition routine would be practicing my walk a few times, getting feedback from people, then remembering all the things I’ve learned, and to tell myself “This is my element. Relax, have fun & make it me!”

If Nine9 could set you up with your dream role, what would it be? 
My dream gig would be to walk for VogueGucci, one of the biggest fashion brands in the industry, or to do a shoot with Winnie Harlow, a Jamaican supermodel I adore.

What do you like to do in your free time? 
I like to relax, cuddle up, and watch movies or hang out with my friends and go to places we have never been.

What song best describes you? 
Beyonce’s “Upgrade U”. I feel like that song fits me best! I like to set my standards and sights very high. I try my very best to be a role model and inspiration to everyone around me!

What’s your favorite food? 
Any restaurant I go to I always get Alfredo; doesn’t matter what kind! I just love the pasta & cheese ratio, it’s just so cheesy!

How do you stay fit? 
I’m naturally very slim, but to stay tight I keep up my cardio & do squats for my booty, of course, and crunches to keep my flat stomach.

What would be your biggest achievement so far & why? 
My biggest achievement would be me even getting out there to these gigs and booking them every time. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be a model. Letting someone else have the control and tell you if you’re what they are looking for is a challenge, but I manage to take it on my shoulders and give it all I got. I know this is what I am meant to do!

Intsagram: @slimgyal_nan