Jabria: A Thriving DC Talent

We are so excited to introduce you to the multi-talented Jabria (also know as Bri) from Washington D.C. Bri is an exceptional talent and there is little that she cannot do! She has stage work for productions of both Oklahoma and Fiddler On The Roof. The confidence that she gained from those plays has encouraged her to explore her musical talents as well, setting up her own Sound Cloud channel and posting her music. Recently Bri was invited to a photo shoot with Petite Studio NYC and shared a few of the shots on her Instagram page. We had the pleasure of asking her a few questions and this is what she shared with us.

How do you like to stay fit/active?
From dancing to Capoeira, I have always enjoyed various types of activities and exercises to stay in shape. To stay active I enjoy getting outdoors and taking my puppy, Teo, for hikes, trail walks, and runs. Overall, however, the best way for me to stay fit sit is to practice mindfulness, conscious eating, and yoga.

What’s your favorite food?
I have always had a strange obsession with potatoes, so any dish with this ingredient in it will win my heart. I generally try to stay away from them because my guilty pleasure is devouring an entire bag of potato chips!

Any advice for people wanting to start acting/modeling?
For those just starting out, preparation is everything. It wouldn’t be wise to go into a test never having studied for it. So, why go into an agency or a casting call when you don’t know how to pose yourself nor have memorized your lines? Confidence is key, but it is always better to be honest with yourself and open minded. With any job, experience is required. If you are turned down or not invited back to a final call back, don’t be discouraged! Remember that each interview is a test of growth and a point at which you can learn from to better yourself. I started modeling over 4 years ago and just recently signed with Nine9. I would have never fathomed going into a talent casting without my experience behind me. My experience allowed me to build up my confidence and go into an interview without hesitation that I am ready and capable for the opportunities presented to me.

What’s song best describes you?
My anthem is “Naked” by Ella Mai. She writes about being misunderstood despite how much she would like to let down her walls to expose her true self. I think it is hard for most people, and even for myself, to let down the walls and share our true thoughts with the world. In the society we live in, we are constantly judging each other based on what we shared on FB, how many followers we have on IG, or how many matches we get on Tinder. When [the way] you are perceived is boiled down to a (un)follow and a swipe right or left, it forces you to build a wall—and a pretty one for the world to see. The most important take away of this song is to always stay true to who you are even if others can’t see you naked. The most perfect love you can have is the love you have for yourself.

What would you be if you weren’t an actor/model?
When I am not modeling, I am writing and recording music. Music has always been a big part of my life and is still a big aspiration of mine. If modeling doesn’t work out for me, I will make exploring the music industry a priority.

Tell me something about you not many people know.
A lot of people don’t know that I was adopted at 13 years old and that I was raised by my grandmother until that point. The struggles I experienced growing up made me resilient, strong, and a fighter. When I have my sights set on a goal, I will push through the obstacles to win. Even if I fall on a first attempt, I will always get up and try again in hopes that I can better myself.

What do you like doing in your free time?
With my crazy schedule, it makes it hard to dedicate quality time to Teo. So, when I do have free time I enjoy taking him outdoors to get some fresh air and exercise—it’s good for me too!

What is your favorite outfit to wear to auditions?
I love wearing my olive green skinny jeans to auditions because they flatter my form and they add a touch of color that compliments my complexion.

What is your routine going into an audition? What do you prepare?
My audition routine is pretty simple. I apply my skin and hair treatments the night before, go to bed early, wake up with a smoothie and practice any poses, walks, or lines necessary for the casting. As I wait for my turn, I shut out all distractions around me and focus my mind on what I want to do going in. This helps me to mentally prepare myself and eliminate any nervous feelings I may be having. It is a great mindfulness trick!

If Nine9 could set you up with a dream role/gig, what would it be?
Nine9 has already done an amazing job submitting me to major castings directed by top influencers in the modeling industry. If I were to book any of these castings, it would be a blessing. My dream opportunity, however, would be a chance to sign with a top modeling agency and book a high fashion editorial spread in an international magazine like Prada or Vogue.

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