Lorena May Be Little; But She Packs A Punch

Lorena Castañeda is a very sweet and outstanding girl. She loves to be in front of the cameras! Every day when she gets an outfit change whether to go to school or somewhere else, she loves to first take pictures! Another trait about Lorena is that she loves to smell good! Every time after a shower, she asks to have some body spray on her so she can smell great. Some other activities she enjoys are dancing, acting and singing! She loves to perform “Let it go” from the movie Frozen, as that is also her favorite movie! Lorena likes also play with her little sister Sarah! Both enjoy TV shows like Lazy Town, Caillou, Sophia the First, Bubble Guppies, Peter Rabbit, and many more! She is a very creative girl and likes to read books by Dr. Seuss and Disney! Lorena is a one of a kind special girl who lights up a room with her big and bright smile and fills everyone she meets with joy!

We asked Lorena’s parent the following questions and we are delighted to share more about her!

What was Lorena’s favorite casting experience with Nine9?
Her very first casting! I Rock Fashion by Danie Robert was Lorena’s first experience, she is very sweet and I think that somehow that gave her a little kick of luck.

How does she like to stay fit/active?
Lorena doesn’t consume drinks like soda or juice, and only drinks water and milk when we eat. She loves milk with just a little bit of strawberry syrup!! Another thing is that Lorena plays ALOT!!! We do not use tablets or cell phones. She plays with her sister Sarah or our family when they come over, and when it’s Summer we play outside or go to the park. Lorena also likes to play soccer, jump-rope, and dance! These are all ways that I help keep her active and it’s super fun!

What is Lorena’s favorite food?
She really likes spaghetti and Mac n cheese, but EXTRA cheesy pizza is her favorite over all!!!

Has Lorena ever been to a photo shoot with Nine9? What was it like?
Yes, two years ago. She liked it very much, she said she liked it “because there was a girl to fix my hair and then she put some makeup on my face and I thought that was super cool and fun! The photographer had me pose and jump and the photos came out super cool!!!” I put one of the photos as a cover photo on our Facebook page and 151 friends liked the photo which made her feel really special!

What’s song best describes her?
‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams because she is a very happy girl and she likes to share that with people she meets!

What would Lorena want to be if she weren’t an actor/model?
Lorena would be in ballet classes because she started taking classes when she was 3 years old. She really liked it but left when she joined NINE9 The Unagency, or she would be playing soccer. She loves this sport very much and practices with her dad as much as she can! She is also a big [Lionel] Messi fan!!!

What does she like doing in her free time?
She likes playing with my sister!! She also likes playing with her cousins and nieces! Their favorite things to do are dance, read books, visit family, and sing! Their favorite song is “Let it Go” from Frozen!!!

What is her favorite outfit to wear to auditions?
She has a really pretty pink dress that she likes! It has ruffles at the top and she thinks it makes her look “really pretty and professional for when I go to auditions!”

What is Lorena’s routine going into an audition? How do you help her prepare?
She likes to dance and sing with me and her sister so that she can shake off the nervousness. She also likes to make silly faces with her dad so she can feel relaxed!

If Nine9 could set her up with a dream role/gig, what would it be?
Lorena’s dream would be to work for Disney channel and be able to work with Mickey Mouse and Minnie on shows that are for kids her age. By doing so, she could help them learn like [Disney] has helped her!