Mezmerized by the Majestic Maegan Coker

Meet the beautiful Maegan Coker. Maegan is, by our estimation, one of the hardest working talent in Atlanta. Meagan has a wealth of experience as a model; including working gigs as a promo model and working the runway. Recently Maegan dove head first into acting and is currently starring in an Arek Zasowski short titled Call Me.

What was your favorite casting experience with Nine9?

​My favorite casting experience with Nine9 was early last year, not only did I nail my audition but made long-term working relationships. It was ironic because many members of the production crew and leading actors (involved in this particular filming project) I had been following on social media, so it was awesome meeting everyone  in person; matching the personalities and faces! In addition, everyone had such lightning energy and drive that it was thrilling to be around such positive & encouraging individuals. It just made me all the more thirsty for more exposure and experience. ​

What was your first ‘big break’ and how did it come about?

Let’s see, what was my first ‘big break’? I really do believe this concept is within the eye of the beholder because I consider all of my modeling bookings and filming projects ‘big’. It’s interesting, the competition and talent can be intimidating to many and rightly so, but it really whittles down to confidence, self assurance, and (most importantly) recognizing everyone’s participation (attitude, respect, and humility). I am a true believer in lifting others up and accepting every opportunity with grace as I walk down this awesome career adventure.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far and why?

Staying true to myself has been my biggest achievement thus far. I have witnessed the public (in general) to be judgmental & discouraging and yet, at the same time, supportive in ear distance. This knee-jerk reaction can be cumbersome to experience, however, I found that there is an element of fear and rejection in all of us. And if I’m able to overcome these obstacles perhaps (in time) I could become a role model for some and an encouragement to others. It really is all about keeping everything in perspective and maintaining a ‘forward thinking’ attitude.

How do you like to stay fit/active?

Staying physically fit and active is very important to me! As an Actress & Spokes Model, it’s imperative to establish workout regiments and healthy eating practices. There are situations where first time impressions are everything, so taking care of your mind, body, and soul can be monumental for anyone’s career. [The person] who helped me find the right balance was fitness trainer Demetrice Hood. He taught me (along with personal research) how to appreciate organic foods, the proper usage of certain foods & herbs, and customized workouts for my particular body structure, which would also align with my career goals. Often you will find me enjoying my time at the gym (4-5 days a week), eating gluten-free, and low-carb meals.

What’s your favorite food?

​Haha, I have never been one to kiss and tell, so my ‘cheat days’ will have to carry my delectable secrets. However, my go-tos are Kind bars, coconut water, berries, yummy popsicles (sugar-free), and almonds. ​

Any advice for people wanting to start acting/modeling?

Good advice is hard to come by and what I mean is “to each, it’s own”. If you are seeking a career in the acting and/or modeling world, never compare yourself to others, but assess [yourself]. You don’t have to be the prettiest face or have the perfect body in order to gain traction. And if you are an aspiring artist try to identify what your memorable qualities are. ​My career manager and owner of Atlanta Model Management, Reggie Carson, ​once ​gave me some tremendous advice​​, “Maegan, as your success increases remember not to get lost in the moment. If you always keep it professional, stay focused, ​and ​work smart​; ​the right opportunities will find you”​,​​ and I have known this to be very true. ​

What’s song best describes you?

Since a child, I have used music to identify certain precious aspects of my life and these songs are my grounding markers; 1) “Purple Rain” by Prince & The Revolution, 2) “I Am What I Am” by OceanLab and lastly, 3) “100 Years” By Five For Fighting.

What would you be if you weren’t an actor/model?

​I have never been known to place all my apples in one basket and I have a background in Human Resources (HR) along with extensive training in business acumen. ​

Tell me something about you not many people know.

​Meditation is a major part of my daily routine. I have a very active mind, so I find it very beneficial to take some time out to just be still and allow my mind release any unknown pressures, anxiety, etc. Our minds can be such an amazing tool when given the proper needed care. ​

What do you like doing in your free time?

​In my free time, I love reading, journaling/writing, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying nature to its fullest! I love walking on sandy beaches, enjoyable hikes, watching sunsets, star gazing, and gardening. ​

What Nine9 program do you feel you’ve benefited from the most? (ie: Meet & Greets, Castings department, etc.)

​Nine9 from the start has been a consistent source of opportunity! From the social media postings of my work (Thank you – so grateful) down to the meet & greets, casting calls, and marketing platforms. I received hundreds of inquiries from numerous sources requesting any insight on Nine9’s services and I have nothing but positive things to say!​

What is your favorite outfit to wear to auditions?

​When it comes to outfits and auditions, I really try to wear something that will help me stay in character. Plus, I have found that textured/layered outfits with simple colors are always well received. ​

What is your routine going into an audition? What do you prepare?

​Before considering a part, I always like to do a little of research regarding the character. The more I’m able to understand and relate to the role the stronger my audition will be. As for routines, I try to keep my home life organized and rely on a daily agenda/calendar so that my mind has room for memorization. ​

If Nine9 could set you up with a dream role/gig, what would it be?

I would love for Nine9 to become a sponsor in which I could equally represent their establishment while fulfilling their needs and my​ dreams as an actress & spokes model. To receive such recommendation and have the marketing ability through a featured role, etc. would be amazing!

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Maegan Coker
​Actress & Spokes Model​

Stylistocrat, Nine9, One Model Place – For Bookings
Manager: Mr. Reginald Carson
L: Atlanta, Georgia