The new year is bringing about new hair trends that are sure to be a hit.  If you’re looking to switch up your ‘do, here are some styles to be on the lookout for, according to the fashion experts at Allure.

Red is back and bolder than ever

And, there’s not just one shade of this vibrant color.  Whether you are opting for auburn, strawberry blonde, coral or a deeper tone, there are many options to choose from.  It’s best to opt for a shade that compliments your skin tone and style.  Stick with a color that will make you feel confident.  Never choose a color simply because it looks great on someone else.  Everyone is different, and color should always be an individual preference.

Just Be You

Along with this year’s renewed focus on natural beauty when it comes to makeup, there is also a focus on uncolored locks or creating a dyed palette that is close to your natural color and enhances your skin and facial features.  If you can’t see yourself as a redhead, consider opting for a more natural color instead.

When in Doubt, Accessorize

Accessories are a must in the new year.  Everything from bobby pins, to bun clamps, scrunches, and munchies can be see on the runway.  Those who prefer to keep their hair out of their face can sigh with relief.  There’s a ton of trendy options to consider.  Scoop your locks up in a traditional ponytail topped with a bow, braid the strands back, or collect them in a messy bun with a ribbon overtop.  It really doesn’t matter what your preference is as long you are willing to experiment with all of the accessories available in 2019.

Home Health Care for Hair

2019 also brings with it a renewed focus on caring for your mane by following a healthy diet and incorporating vitamins and nutrients proven to add length, volume, and texture.  There is also a renewed focus on caring for the scalp and eliminating common ailments such as dandruff.  So, stock up on keratin, biotin, and Vitamin E and scrub your locks with a routine geared toward your individual hair needs to optimize your look.  Deep conditioners are great for repairing dry, damaged her and preventing split ends, and dry shampoo can be used between washes to keep your mane’s natural oils from dissipating.  Opting for a full wash every couple of days rather than every day will help maintain hair balance.

Again, focus on your own unique style preferences and you’re sure to create a stand-out ‘do that signifies embracing a new look in the new year!

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