Celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff is responsible for beautifying many celebrities and is best known for helping them achieve glowing skin and dazzling lips and eyes.  At last week’s BAFTA awards, she was tasked with making actress Margot Robbie red carpet ready.

Robbie wore an electric blue eyeliner and matching lashes that paired well with accents adorning her Chanel couture gown.  Her lips were brushed with a nude gloss.  The actress was extra shiny in sequins and frilled sleeves, and the overall look came together seamlessly.

“Margot’s dress had amazing colored beads and I was trying to pick up on these, so I went with the electric blue and then deeper blue and black to replicate the sleeve,” Dubroff said, adding, “I wanted the eye to feel a bit feathery, so I used a few different colored mascaras.  Blueliner and mascara from the inner corner to the center, then the black liner and black mascara on the outer corners, so it framed the eye and then a tiny bit of glitter to really pop the color.”

But the makeup maven admits she can only do so much to create an eye-catching look.  It has to start with skin care.

“Skin is everything.  I mean everything and I’ll spend more time on the skin than the makeup.  It makes eyeshadow or lipstick application quicker to bang out, and if the skin doesn’t look incredible, it doesn’t matter how big you want the features to be, they’re not going to look good.  Skincare prep makes it look more alive, so you’re not having to fake it with foundation, blushers, highlighters,” Dubroff said. “Ideally, I’ll have half an hour, but if I’m crunched for time, I’ll pop on a sheet mask.  It’s my time cheat, so if I don’t know what my client is wearing beforehand, it gives me time to rummage through the colors in my kit.  When the sheet mask comes off, then it’s all about the message.”

Then, she says she starts with the perfect primer that’ll help to pull off an all-night masterpiece.  “I’ll put primer through the center so that it reduces the need for powder and helps the foundation stick.  I’ll mix multiple shades of foundation, and multiple textures, so the skin looks like skin,” she explained.

There is an added emphasis on bringing out one’s natural beauty in 2019, and Dubroff does just that by enhancing the glow of her client’s skin first and foremost with products that really bring this out, then applying stunning eye color to draw added attention to a flawless palette – just a few simple steps to scoring an award-worthy look!

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