As spring starts to take center stage, new makeup trends are stealing the spotlight.  A killer color you’re likely to see much more of is lavender.  This soft yet bright shade is really taking off and New York City-based drag queen Jan Sport is all about it.  If you’re looking for the right way to wear light purple, she does it best, and it seems there should be a touch of lavender in all of your beauty products – nothing is off limits.

Sport creates a purple base using a lavender cream foundation.  That’s right, she opts for an overall lavender color that is just faint enough to be able to pull off.  Then, Sport highlights her skin, including the forehead and under eye area, and her chin with a white cream foundation.  Blending the two shades gives her skin the perfect base to then apply purple more heavily to certain areas on top.

Sport adds a deeper lavender to her cheekbones and tops with a lighter option to make them really pop.  She then lines her brows with a lavender pencil, adding brown, too, for just-a-bit-more-than-average definition.  After the brows are penciled in, she turns her attention to her lids.

Sport covers her the entire lid area with a lilac shade first, then adds a deeper mauve hue on top.  Her crease is brushed with a white shade to add some extra depth.  More purple is applied to the outer corners and the lower lash lines of her eyes.  Then, white and purple glitter is sprinkled lightly over it all.

To add depth to all of her facial features, Sport emphasizes her nose, cheekbones, forehead, and jawline with some extra lavender powder.  She highlights the under area of her cheeks with white again.  Lavender mascara complements this edgy look.  And, the final step is adding purple to her lips.  Sport defines the shade with a black pencil, then fills in the rest of her pout with lavender lipstick and a purple-tinted gloss.

You can add even more of the color by opting for lavender highlights in your hair or an ombre look.  The shade also works well on fingers and toes, and you’re likely to be seeing quite a bit of it incorporated into handbags, scarves, jewelry, and other accessories.  There are also full purple clothing lines that will soon be hitting store shelves.  So, if you’re looking for a daring transition this spring, consider adding some lavender to your look!

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