The traditional ponytail is kicking it up a notch this spring.  Weaving braids into pulled-back locks is all the rage.  There are many different ways to sport the pony-braid, according to Cosmopolitan.  Here are just a few ways to give the new look a whirl.

Long, Braided Pony

First, pull back your mane and secure it in a ponytail holder.  Use gel and a comb to give your pony some slick-backed style.  Then, separate hairs into three sections and start adding tight braiding from top to bottom.  The entire pony is instantly transformed.

Tiny, Hard-to-spot Braids

Add some petite braiding to the sections near your hairline and let them hang loosely until you can pull all of your hair, including the braids, into a low pony.  Then, wrap the braided ends around the holder and pin them into place.

Multi-Braided Ponytail

Secure hair into an ultra-high ponytail.  Then, separate it into four sections and braid each down to the very end, tying them off.  Then, take one of the braids and wrap it around the base of the tail, pinning in place.

Braided Bubble

Cornrow your hair up toward the crown of your head, then gather it into a high ponytail.  Use an elastic band to section this into smaller portions for a bubble-like effect.


Tie your hair in a tail at the crown of your head.  Then, take a single strip and wrap it around the base, and pinning it into place.  Next, separate the pony into two sections and add fishtail braids all the way down to the bottom.

Side-Braided Ponytail

Braid locks, two- to three-inch sections at a time, from your hairline to the tips, securing with a holder.  Then, use your fingers to gently tug on the braid and pull it part for a looser look.  Gather your locks into a mid-way tail, tie it off, then wrap a small piece of hair around the base and tuck it into place with a pin.

Accent Braids

Simply including a few random braids will add some interest to your typical tail.  You can pick and choose where these go and how thick each should be, wrapping and pinning them back.

There are many different options for pairing ponies and braids.  The look you long for is only limited by your own creativity.  So, grab a brush, comb, some ties, and spray – and anything else you’ll need – and start experimenting!

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