So, you’re pretty sure you’re never going to outgrow your infatuation with glitter, but it seems like something that should have been fallen by the wayside years ago.  With so many glitter-laden accessories for the preteen crowd hitting store shelves this year, you may be tempted to purchase a few and pretend you got them at a more sophisticated establishment.  Fear not – there is hope!  Cosmopolitan says it’s perfectly acceptable for a more mature crowd to sport some glitter, and here’s how.

Put your glitter where your mouth is

Add a bit of sparkle to your lips by applying a sheer glittery gloss over-top a bold color for a night out on the town.  This dramatic look can also be toned down during the day with the gloss applied all by itself.

Eye-catching lids

You can also add some dazzle to your traditional eye color by applying some shimmer over-top.  Many more subtle hues, such as brown and grey, also come already infused with glitter.  You can choose how much, or how little, is applied depending on your plans.  Sport a lighter palette during the day and apply a heavier shadow for an evening out.  If you’re into the cat-eye look (and who isn’t?) you can add more attention to the eyes by accenting the lines with some sheer shimmer.

Glittery brows

If you’re a bit more daring and aren’t afraid to experiment with a bold makeup routine, try adding some glitter to your brow lines.  Or, you might choose to add some pizzazz to both your lids and brows.  There really isn’t a formula for where and how you must incorporate shine around the eyes, so try wearing glitter a few different ways until you find the perfect way to add some extra pop.

Dazzling nail designs

Glitter has always been and probably will always be acceptable in nail color.  So, you if you’re not comfortable adding it to your makeup routine except for on special occasions, you can always incorporate it on your fingers and toes.


Of course, glitter will also always be infused in a multitude of different accessories from jewelry to hats, boots, and handbags.  Opt to add some shine to your wardrobe by picking up a few pieces.  You can intermix more traditional items with those that glisten for an unforgettable mix of sassy and classy.

Glitter is fun for everyone, and you an easily add it to your look in a variety of ways no matter your age.  In entertainment, you should never be afraid to shine!

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