There are certain things that are acceptable on set, and certain things that are not.  Everyone has a job to do and it’s important to follow proper film etiquette, so things go as smoothly as possible.  You don’t want a simple misstep to eliminate you from the project.  So, what should you avoid doing, according to Raindance?


It may sound silly, but no matter how much of a rush you are in, you should never run on set.  This is because it’s dangerous for you to do so and you could risk breaking some high tech, very expensive equipment.  Film sets are full of all kinds of wires and cables and special, pricey camera equipment that are the property of professional filmmakers.  What’s more, the lighting can be dark, and it can be very easy to stumble upon something unexpected.  So, practice some precaution and avoid moving about too quickly.


There’s a lot going on all around you when you’re on set.  Everyone in the crew is being given instructions, so no one wants to have to talk over someone who shouts.  Effective filmmaking includes effective communication skills and the ability to get a point across without having to raise your voice.  So, just as you wouldn’t shout over a cubicle wall to a coworker across the room, there’s no need to raise your voice on set.

Pop a squat

You are on set to work, so make sure you always at least look busy.  Sitting down just looks lazy, and you’ll likely be handed something to do.  So, even if you are already loaded with tasks, you’ll want to stay standing to ensure you aren’t overburdened.

Get feisty

No one wants to be talked back to.  If you’re given a job to do, just do it – don’t complain.  The worst thing you can do is exert a false sense of confidence when you’re just getting started.  This may make the gig not only your first but your last.  It’s okay to come off as competent and confident, just not overly arrogant.  Don’t be “that person” who’s far too difficult to work with – this is a rumor that will spread very quickly.


If the director or the assistant director is busy directing, leave them alone.  No one’s going to keep you in the dark.  Everyone on set wants things to do as smoothly as possible.  So, wait for them to redirect their focus to you and let you know what to do next.

Maintaining a professional demeanor on set will go a long way.  Make sure to stay humble and appreciative, follow directions, and complete your tasks.  This will help you to build a solid reputation for yourself, so you’ll continue getting booked.

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