You have to be able to handle rejection well if you really want to make it in the entertainment industry.  It’s not easy being judged constantly, but this is the nature of the business.  Remember, not all seemingly harsh feedback is bad.  Here’s how to put a positive spin on things and use it to your advantage.

You have to stop overthinking it. If you have this from an acting or modeling coach, or at an audition, take it to heart and try to make the role you’re playing appear more natural.  If you’re at a photo shoot, take a deep breath, relax, find your happy space (whatever that may be) and go there!  If you’re an actor, practice reciting your lines as if you’re actually engaging in a conversation with someone.  This feedback simply means you have to stop making the task at hand looked forced and loosen up!

You should consider acting instead. If you are a model and you’re being told you can expand your market by getting your feet wet in the acting world, go for it!  This comment doesn’t mean you’re not good-looking enough or not equipped in some other way.  It just means there’s like a spot for you in the acting realm, too.  So, take this as a compliment.

You’re not the right fit. Just because you’re not the right fit for a certain role doesn’t mean you’re not right for every role that’s going to come your way.  Rejection is par for the course in the entertainment world.  So, instead of being hard on yourself, ask the next time you’re in the audition room what you can do to improve, if anything. 

Sorry, you’re not our type. This is also fairly common to hear, particularly if you looking to get signed with an agency.  Agencies have very specific requirements for their talent, and you must meet these requirements.  There’s no wiggle room.  Also, these companies have portfolios of talent they’ve hand selected to represent.  For all you know there could have been someone who came in the week prior who has a similar look.  So, you simply don’t have the right look right now

The industry can seem pretty cutthroat, but that should make landing gigs all that more exciting!  You have to have a thick skin to make it in entertainment.  And, those who remain persistent make it to the top.



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