If you have a knack for content creation, this just might give you a leg up in the industry.  Once you’ve decided what social media platforms you want to use, it’s time to think about the type of content you should create and share with the world.  Sharing original content can lead to a wealth of exposure and build a solid base for your portfolio that just might mean landing more roles.

Building your brand is a delicate balance between establishing a professional reputation while getting personal enough to connect with fans.  Here are three forms of content you should consider, according to Backstage.

Blog articles

Have a natural talent for writing?  Give it a whirl by establishing a website and blog and sharing relevant content with fans.  You’ll have to decide actually what you want to share first, of course, and who you want to be known as or what you want to be known for in cyberspace.  This is all part of the branding.

You might consider sharing personal experiences in a professional way.  For example, maybe you have a wealth of customer service experience, but instead of sharing day-to-day interactions with customers you decide to become a resident expert in communicating effectively in the entertainment industry.  You’ll want to think about a broad topic and drill down from there, thinking of specific blogs to post (i.e., Cold Calling, Is it Worth It?, Following Up with a Casting Director, etc.).

How often you share a post with your intended audience is also key to brand development.  Usually, bloggers choose to include a link for readers to subscribe to their page and then create a weekly newsletter to let their reader base know when a new post has become available.  If you attract just the right readership, your blog could lead to big opportunities.


We live in a visual world and people want to see you.  So, creating videos can be an integral and effective component of branding.  It’s easy to establish a channel and quickly start adding video content.  Again, if you have something to teach others and want to become known in cyberspace as an expert in something, tutorial videos can give you a wide reach.  You can always upload and intertwine your demo reel or footage from auditions or projects, so your viewers have a firsthand reference.  Of course, this also gives you great exposure, and you never know who’ll be watching.


These have exploded in popularity as of late and offer a great avenue for voice actors to showcase their talent.  It’s also an excellent way for those interested in hosting radio or television shows to build a substantial viewer base.  There are many platforms to choose from.  Just make sure you get quality equipment and have some idea what you want your podcast to focus on.  From there, you can start creating episodes with “expert” guests who will quickly lend credibility to your work.

The digital age has opened up a wealth of new age marketing options for budding stars and has made branding easier than ever.  If you have a creative bug, consider broadcasting your content online.  You’ll probably be surprised by how many industry influencers take notice!

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