We all pull energy input from the environment around us, consciously and unconsciously, and provide outputs based on our own individual life experiences and perceptions of these experiences.  In this way, we create a unique journey for ourselves, while instilling certain morals and values along the way.  You may have even chosen a career in the entertainment industry based on the path you’ve created for yourself.  Therefore, many artists naturally pull information from the environment around them and use it to create, whether it be writing a script, a piece of artwork, or an experience for an audition.  They build from what they know, combining both reality and fantastical characters and events.

In this way, it’s important to have a life outside of your chosen career path, according to Backstage.  It’s important to keep experiencing, literally – mentally, emotionally, and physically – to grow and continue learning new things that will help you perfect your craft and further your career.  When you become too absorbed in work and forget to have some fun, you’ll eventually develop tunnel vision and be no longer able to think outside the box.  This isn’t sustainable.  You’ll stagnate and be unable to maximize your creativity.

Imagine if you decided to stay frozen in a specific year and never move forward.  You’d stay stuck in the same mindset, with the same perceptions, making the same decisions.  As the rest of the world evolves around you, you’d stay stuck. 

You can see how this would make it impossible to understand an audience.  You would end up being light years away from who you’re trying to connect with just because you haven’t allowed yourself to understand current events and the world around you.  You’d simply be “speaking a different language.”

Getting out there and living life to the fullest means being able to create a believable character.  The entertainment industry is constantly in motion and it’s important to keep up.  You have to know what’s happening on the social scene, what the latest trends are, what audiences are into, and the best way to do that is experience it for yourself.  Staying on the scene will help you nail your next gig, because you’re be able to relate well with others.

So, stay busy, but remember to also stay well-rounded and active, doing the things you enjoy that have nothing to do with working.  Your best material can come from meaningful memories.



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