If you want to be an actor and are looking for a life of adventure, there are acting opportunities that can help fulfill your need to wander.  Here are some opportunities for adventurous types, according to Backstage.

Cruise Ships

You don’t have to dig too deep to find ship castings.  Many come equipped with shows and are looking for actors to partake in the performances.  Oftentimes, they are looking for entertainers that are not only great actors but can sing and dance as well.  So, bring your A game and enjoy the bonus of visiting other areas of the world.

Exotic locales

Consider opportunities in areas that you’ve always wanted to visit, including those overseas.  Search for a nationwide or worldwide casting and, if you get booked, you’ll be able to stay in a land far away for the duration of the project.  To come home or not to come home?  That is the question.

Theme Parks

If you are a theater performer who is getting a bit bored with your local theater routine, apply for a gig at a theme park.  If you land it, you’ll get a chance to play a beloved character, pose for photo ops with guests, and have a steady paying job.  Theme parks are often looking for stunt performers, too, so apply if you’re otherwise having a hard time making use of your training.  You can opt in for a season, then return home.

Traveling theater

If a life of travel is what you’re looking for, try joining a cast that performs in different locations for the duration of a project rather than sticking to one place.  This way you’ll be able to enjoy new scenery and new audience members.  Typically, you’ll sign a contract for a specific period of time, after which you can opt out or renew, depending on whether you are ready to head home or continue adventure-seeking.

Living History Museums

If you are infatuated with historical events and the opportunity to recreate times of old sounds exciting, look into living history gigs.  You’ll be given a chance to experience a period of time you would otherwise only be able to read about.

These are just a few of the options for actors who want to keep up with their craft while satisfying an itch for travel – to a different locale or through time.  If you’re relocating, even temporarily, to a new location, some gigs will offer travel reimbursement and accommodations.  So, dare to think out-of-the-box and take your acting career in an unconventional direction.

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