If you want to take a class or workshop in your area that seems closely aligned with your career goals or you have many interests and are unsure which classes will suit you best, fear not – you don’t have to commit as soon as you hear a session is planned.  Asking to audit a modeling or acting workshop ahead of time is the best way to figure out whether it fits with your goals.

Auditing a class is another way of squeezing yourself into a program that may already be full, too.  Showing an interest in joining in during the next round is a great way to get an ‘in’ while you’re offered a sneak-peak.  Parents love being able to audit sessions prior to enrolling their budding entertainment stars, too, so they don’t simply have to take someone else’s word for it when it comes to course quality.

There is no pressure placed on you if you wish to audit.  This means, you don’t have to participate, but simply observe the style of the course and its contents.  You won’t need to take any test, hand in any work, or otherwise participate.  Just note of the other actors enrolled and the instructor.  Is the course content beneficial to the path you plan to take?  Does the instructor seem knowledgeable?  Are the attendees interested and engaged?

If the course if part of an acting degree program or it has significant costs tied to it, it’s even better to attempt to audit it first.  You want to make sure you’ll learn exactly what you need to know before you write a check.  Anytime there is a money at stake, it’s best to do a trial run.  You will already likely to be working with a limited budget when you embark on your entertainment career, so you’ll want to make sure you’re investing wisely.

The best part about an audit?  If the class or workshop is simply not a good fit, that’s okay.  You are welcome to walk away – no harm, no foul.  And, you can walk right into the next class that seems to be a good fit and scope that out instead.  Of course, not all instructors allow audits.  Be sure to ask before taking a seat.

Also, if you are pressured into making an urgent commitment, know that urgency is a very common sales tactic.  Anyone who is throwing firm deadlines at you and encouraging you to sign on the bottom line as soon as possible should be viewed with some suspicion.  Understand when you’re faced with a legit opportunity versus a scam.

Always continue auditing until you find a class or workshop that is going to offer you some great insight.  Then make a decision to stick with it.  This is your career.  Make the most of it!

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