There are some tried and true posing tips that every model should master.  Generally, a model will work with the photographer to ensure every shot is great.  But, if the photographer doesn’t automatically make some standard adjustments, it will be up to the model to understand how to position oneself for success.  Here are some things to remember, according to Envato.

Always position your hair. If your hair is prone to fly-aways, you’ll want to make sure the stands are positioned so they’re not in your face or coasting somewhere unnaturally above your head.  For longer locks, you’ll want to determine if your hair should be draped over your shoulders, placed along your back, or pulled all to one side.  You’ll want to know whether the shot calls for your mane to be secured in an accessory or if you should simply leave it down.

 Practice bringing your chin and ears forward. This can feel a bit unnatural at first, but there will be a noticeable difference in the end result.  Pulling your face forward slightly will help define it from your neckline.  This will eliminate any lines in the neck area and help to keep the focus on your facial features.

 Lift your arm a bit. Instead of standing with your arms flat at your side, lift one slightly and place your hand on your hip.  Arms tend to look larger than they truly are when they’re not positioned correctly.  Creating definition between the arm and torso will make the body looker leaner, too.

 Learn to turn. Turning your shoulder slightly rather than facing the camera squarely will also create a more visually appealing image.  Stand sideways just enough for one of your shoulders to be pulled slightly back, then cock your head just a bit.  This will instantly create a slimmer looking shot with more of a focus on your face.

 Keep both eyes in the frame. Most people aren’t too fond of including a side profile of their face.  Doing so highlights the nose and takes away from the eyes, so it’s not the most flattering shot.  Rather than turning completely sideways, make sure to keep both of your eyes pointed in the direction of the camera.  Never turn your gaze away from the photographer so the shot only shows the whites of your eyes, either. Maintaining eye contact, looking right at the lens, will ensure you achieve a pleasing profile pose.

Mastering modeling moves can seem a bit overwhelming at first but will quickly become second nature with some practice.  Learning a few basics before a shoot is essential to creating favorable results.

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