If you’re looking for the best routine for your hair type, you’ll likely have to research on your own, then engage in trial and error until you find the best products and styling methods.  There are so many different types of hair and different options for each type.  Only you can find the perfect fit for you.  However, there are some of Madison Reed’s tried and true options for each.


Straight hair needs less conditioning than other styles, because its oils allow strands to fall naturally and obtain a smooth look.  Using a sulfate-free shampoo will help rebalance the scalp which will allow you to skip a wash or two without worrying about oil build up.  This will, in turn, preserve your hair’s moisture everywhere else.


Natural curls are both beautiful and convenient.  They are perfect for adorning a quick updo with much less work than those with straight locks.  You can wear is in its natural state for an instant salon-worthy look while others spend hours with an iron.  The biggest problem, though, with curls is frizz.  Washing hair just once or twice per week with a sulfate-free shampoo with help maintain balance, and using a deep conditioner once every week, leaving it on your locks for at least ten minutes, while help eliminate frizz and keep curls silky smooth.


Wavy hair equals volume.  If you have this hair type, consider yourself lucky.  Whether you decide to curl it or wear it straight, you’ll always have a fully, bouncy mane that others will envy.  However, wavy hair, much like straight, can get greasy at the top and dry at the ends.  The key is to wash strands only three times each week and keep a bottle of dry shampoo handy for the off days.  Then, consider applying a deep, leave-in conditioner at least twice per month to manage any moisture loss.


Those with coily hair have the most fragile type.  Their manes consist of coily curls both fine and coarse, and the locks tend to be on the drier side.  This hair type should only be washed once per week to help halt excess drying in its tracks.  Using a co-wash works best.  Seal hair with oils or shea butter after showering, then put a hot oil pre-treatment on the locks.  If you must blow dry, always use a diffuser.

Follow one of these basic care routines and infuse with your own sense of style, and you’re likely to exude confidence by finding a plan that suits you best!