What 2018 fashion trends have celebrities been most excited to wear?  Here are a few of your favorite stars and a few of their favorite trends, according to People magazine and E! Online.


Singer and actress Victoria Justice is all smiles about wearing one color head-to-toe.  She is opting for bold colors, and sometimes switching it up just a bit by pairing together two.

Very Clean Suits

Kate Bosworth has been mostly giddy about suits that scream female power.  She prefers those in silk with clean lines and a ‘70s flair and was recently spotted in a red knit cap and sequin trouser combo.

Varsity-like Sweater and Boots

Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of this combo.  Instead of the traditional varsity jacket, this style has transformed into a sweater option, and comes in all lengths from waist- to ankle-long.  Paired with Timberland boots or high-topped shoes, the look will bring you right back to your high school hallways.  Of course, Lopez always opts for adorning her large hooped earrings even if the rest of her ensemble has sportier look.

Wide-legged Joggers

If you’re hesitant about the M.C. Hammer comeback, take a peak at Hailey Baldwin’s style these days and you’ll quickly see how cute and comfortable these bottoms really are.  They are especially effective when paired with a tight tank or worn over a bathing suit, providing a great alternative to the traditional sundress.

White fur

Fur is more popular than ever this year.  It has been spotted on everything from handbags to hats, and everything in between.  And, the most popular color is white.  Gigi Hadid was recently spotted in a long, shearling coat which is perfect for cooler weather nights.  Just make sure to take extra care when wearing white.  Fur can easily soil and turn a different shade quickly.

Pastels with Pops of Color

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kate Mara are opting for neutral and pastel palettes and pairing these with pops of color.  Wearing a light-colored dress or suit and carrying a bright handbag is one option for completing the look.  Or, choosing to wear mostly nude shades, then stepping out one evening in an eye-catching color will have heads turning.  The most popular colors hitting the streets are pastel purple, blue, yellow, or green.  Pair these with shocking pinks, yellows, oranges, or reds.

Celebrities certainly have a way of making sure all eyes stay on them, whether its for their talent or their trendiness.  At the end of the day, the most popular attire will stay!