If you’re headed out of town for a gig this summer, you may be wondering what to pack without packing everything in your closet – especially since you’ll likely need to carry on other accessories, such as a purse, camera, sunglasses and other vacation must-haves.  Here are some of the top summer essentials to ensure make the cut.

Flip Flops

If you have a pair that will can be worn to the beach and dressed up for dinner, this is perfect.  You don’t want to pack ten pairs – one or two that can be used in a variety of settings is a must.


If you’re going to be near water, pack a suit.  If you plan to swim more than once, you may want to consider packing versatile bottoms and two or three different-colored tops.  This way, the bottom half can be worn more than once, and it’ll look like you have a new suit every time you take a plunge.

Solid-Colored Tank Tops

One-colored tanks can be easily paired with just about any bottoms and layered for a new look daily.  Tank tops are essential for especially hot days.


Will it be warm enough for shorts or cool enough for jeans?  Pack a pair of capris and it won’t matter ether way.  A skinny pair that cuts off just below the knee or above the ankle can be easily cuffed wherever you deem fit.


These are perfect both for the beach and for a night out.  Sundresses can be worn over bathing suits or dressed up with the perfect pair of flops.

Lightweight Jacket

Just in case.  If the nights are on the cool side, you’ll want something that’s convenient to throw on to ward of any chill.

Some other options that could prove essential are a strapless bra, a pair of socks, and tennis shoes.  If you plan to do a lot of hiking or any other physically demanding activity, you’ll want a pair of comfortable kicks – and maybe a sports bra.  If you pack a few clothing options that can pull double-duty, you’ll have extra room in your suitcase to spare.  Remember, you’ll also need your cosmetics, bathroom accessories, and some sunscreen.

It’s always best to opt for the luggage-on-wheels, too.  This way, you can easily cart your clothes behind you while also balancing any other on-person items as you travel.  The less weight you’ll need to lug around, the better.  Check out Travel Fashion Girl’s checklist for other essential travel items.

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