You’re probably looking to stay healthy, so you can make it to gigs and get booked while looking great.  Whether you’re an actor, stunt double or model, keeping up with your health is one piece of the puzzle that will help ensure a long, rewarding career.

If you’re looking to get in shape quickly while enhancing overall health, cardio is your best bet, according to Verywell Fit.  You’ll want to take on a routine that will get your heart rate up and adding even just a few minutes of high intensity cardio to your workout can help you shed calories fast.

Engaging in a daily cardio routine will build stamina and endurance and keep your muscles fit and lean.  Another benefit of adding this type of exercise is that you won’t have to cut as many calories from your diet in order to keep up with your fitness goals.  Running, jogging, bicycling, or any other type of exercise that gets your heart rate up will quickly burn off any access to your daily limit.  Who wouldn’t want to indulge in some sweet treats every now and again?

There are many fun classes you can take with others, too, including cycling, step and aerobics.  So, fitting cardio into your schedule will help you stay out there and active.  Working out with others naturally increases the likelihood that you won’t skip out because you won’t want to miss out on a fun social activity.  You’ll be held accountable for your health while perhaps keeping up on the latest gossip from other industry insiders.  Designate time in your schedule to attending fitness classes and you’ll be motivated to meet your obligations.

The wealth of various cardio activities available means you’ll never get bored.  If you’re fed up with one type, simply switch to another for a while.  Mixing things up means maximizing muscle growth, too.  By making a switch every now and again, you’ll ensuring you’re working out different areas of the body.  This will keep you in the best shape possible while you try new, engaging forms of exercise.

Because you’ll see results quickly by adding in some cardio to your routine, you’ll stay motivated to keep up with your health.  There is nothing more powerful than being able to visualize results.  And, this way, you’ll keep pursuing your fitness aspirations as you continue to work toward you career goals.  It’s a win-win.