As fall nears, you may be thinking about what colors will be hottest this season and how best to wear them.  According to InStyle, there are a whole slew of options to choose from and different ways to wear each hue.  Here are a few that’ll be hitting the streets.

Prepare to see a sea of cobalt blue.  This bright blue pairs best with basic black.  Pick up a cobalt blue jacket and wear it over a black turtle neck and black fitted pants.  Finish with your favorite pair of black boots or buy a pair of matching blue for an added pop.  The color works well for the workplace and will ensure you’ll be spotted wherever you go.

Another eye-catching color that’s all the rage is purple, which has been spotted in all types of attire.  Purple is a fun party color and adds funk to any wardrobe.  The color can be worn with purple eye shadow and shoes, as well as other accessories, such as purple purses or scarves.

Gold is also…well gold!  This timeless color can be found in dresses, shoes, pants, and just about any type of top.  The color, of course, pairs well with gold jewelry and hair accessories.  Metallic purses and handbags are also quickly lining shelves.  Finding the perfect shoe or boot to pair with this shade can be a bit tricky, but it is typically most striking when worn with black or tan.

Emerald green is another elegant color that its gaining in popularity.  This gem-like hue pairs especially well with black.  It screams sophistication and class and is often seen in both ball-like dresses and silk business tops.

Bright red is a fall fav that is sure to get you spotted.  The autumn-leaf like color is bold and sassy and can be worn in pleated jackets or heels.  Bright red is great for out on the town attire and works well with a lipstick of the same shade.  It is especially striking with other bolds or with black.  Just adding a bright red handbag to an otherwise casual outfit will make it stand out.

If you’re into more earthy tones, fear not.  There will also be a few neutral options popular this fall.  Camel is certainly one.  This almost nude shade works well in jackets, hats, totes, and boots.  Very versatile, it can be combined with a multitude of other colors.

With so many options, you really can’t go wrong.  Regardless of how you work in these shades, work them in and you’re sure to get a nod of approval from any fashion guru.