Anyone can make it big in entertainment regardless of age, and a 10-year-old California girl scout is proving this point.  By writing and posting a remix of Cardi B’s “Money,” she made the most of her time selling cookies for her troop.  Superstar rapper Cardi B even responded, helping the girl’s sales to skyrocket.

Kayla Paschall, with the help of her whole family, including her dad, mom, Shania Accius of Winnetka California, and big brother Kamari, 11, who acted as the DJ, recorded a video of the girl rapping amid stacked boxes of the popular cookies, and she did so with such confidence and ease that it ended up helping her unload nearly 2,000 boxes.

Cardi B gave the girl some love on Twitter. “I want all the cookieshhh,” the Grammy-nominated artist tweeted.

Paschall wrote the lyrics with the help of Accius.  The song starts by introducing Pachall’s troop, their values, and the communities they serve.  Then, it begins to list all of the choices one by one.

The girl raps, “Look…My troop is all bad.  The Juniors are real.  Black girl magic, you know the deal.  Communities served, leadership skills.  Studio City to Woodland Hills.  Been in this game since 2014.  Selling them cookies is my thing.  Buy Thin Mints or even Smores.  Please open up when I knock on your door.  Woo!  Thin Mints are the best.  Savannah Smiles delish.  Do Si Does are all bliss.  Tagalongs Devine.  Toffee Tastic blows my mind.  Hey that really rhymes…”

The hook?  “All my troop really needs is…Money!  Selling cookies to get some…Money!  Please real, not monopoly…Money!”

“She’s so excited,” Accius said.” “I don’t have a regular 9-to-5 so I can’t sell cookies in the office.  I said, ‘you love doing it anyway so let’s just make a music video.” She added, “This moment, she’ll never forget.  She is loving every second of it.”

Paschall’s story should serve as encouragement for others looking to make it big at a young age. With the help of a supportive network of friends and family willing to share her video, Paschall’s lyrics quickly went viral.  This goes to show that all it takes is a little creativity and some help from social media.

The family’s original goal was to sell 500 boxes, which they quickly exceeded.  Girl Scouts of the USA was an instant fan of the rendition, too, posting the video to its Twitter page where it has been viewed over two million times…and counting.

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