If you’re hoping to use the summer sunshine to add a few tasty homegrown herbs to your dishes, you may be wondering which ones are your best bet.  Which herbs can you use in the most meals?  Which are the healthiest?  Which are best for aromatherapy?  Here are a few great choices, according to the experts at Health.com.


Rosemary contains carnosic acid, which has cancer-fighting cells, and its aroma may improve your memory.  Plant it in an area where it can easily be touched, and it’ll released its brain-engaging scent every time you brush past.


This yummy-smelling herb contains antioxidants that fight belly bloating, which makes it a perfect addition to your summer meal plan.  It has also long been used for its calming properties, with an aroma that can help induce sleep.


Thyme is a great natural remedy for bronchitis and also contains antiseptic compounds, such as Thymol, which is used in Listerine. It will add much needed flavor to salads, soups, and a variety of slow cooked meals.


Parsley is not just used as a garnish for many restaurant dishes.  It contains vitamins A and C, as well as a hardy amount of vitamin K.  So, add it to your plate and digest it at the end of your meal to cleanse your palette and get your daily dose of essential nutrients.


Like Lavendar, this herb is often used for its nerve-calming properties.  It’s also a rich source of fiber and can detoxify the skin and liver.  It includes anti-inflammatory compounds which can clear up blemishes and keep skin radiant.  Basil is used in many different recipes and is particularly common in soups and Italian dishes.


This tasty herb can help boost your immune system, so you can fight off seasonal cold symptoms.  It can also help lower your risk of developing prostate, stomach, and breast cancer.


This herb is a common ingredient in homemade salsa, but it’s much more than a delicious additive to Mexican eats.  Cilantro pulls heavy metals from the body’s tissues and is a rich source of iron and fiber.


Many beauty products contain this herbal compound. Sage has age-fighting antioxidant and antiseptic properties.  It is also a natural remedy for fatigue and anxiety, and like rosemary, can help enhance memory.

Ready to start your garden?  Visit your local nursey to purchase already sprouted plants for just a few dollars and simply follow the directions on the tags.  You’ll be sprucing up your meals, and overall health, in no time at all!