If you’re hoping to get yourself out there and start working in entertainment there are some tried-and-true as well as outside-of-the-box options for landing your next role.  Here’s a few.

Search and Sign-up with Sites

There are numerous sites out there that are great for searching for new opportunities.  Some are free, and others require a small fee.  Check out Back Stage, Stage and Set, Actor’s Access and Playbill.  Models, check out Model Mayhem.  Both actors and models can search on Craigslist but be extra cautious!  There are many scammers and predators out there.  Always do your research before meeting anyone in person or giving out your contact or financial details.

Get a list of casting companies

Google search or go to your local Chamber of Commerce and get a list of casting companies that are booking projects in your area.  Hop onto their sites and check them out to see what types of projects they’re currently casting.

Join social media groups

 There are plenty of opportunities for aspiring talent on social media.  Make sure you’re active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, joining groups, and following or liking pages.  Keep tabs on what’s being posted.

Cold Call

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and cold call ad agencies and marketing departments of larger companies in your area.  They just might be rolling out a new campaign soon and searching for talent.

Film Schools

Get in touch with local colleges and universities that have film programs in which students are required to produce an independent project before graduation.  These projects, while typically unpaid, are excellent resume builders.  Getting a few under your belt will also help you put together a demo reel often required for larger roles.

Agencies and Management Companies

Send out your marketing materials.  What will it hurt?  You may or may not get a response, and if you do, the response may or may not be positive, but it’s still worth a shot.  You could just have that “it” factor an agency is looking for and landing representation will help you immensely with booking opportunities, particularly in larger markets.

Workshops and Acting Classes

Joining in on the fun is a great way to network with industry professionals and like-minded people who could be looking for talent for their next project.  Either way, you will gain valuable insight into the entertainment world, hone your skills, and be able to add another item to your resume.

Remember, it’s a numbers game, but thinking outside of the box and staying determined is a great formula for success!

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