If you have a passion for a particular social justice issue, you may be hoping to book a spot in a public service announcement (PSA) campaign.  But you may not understand what to look for or how to go about getting your foot in the door.  There are certain things to consider when you’re looking at landing a PSA.

PSAs are meant to drive change, and they depend on a broadcasting a message via a variety of media outlets into to maximize audience reach.  This means, the campaign is likely to air on television, radio, websites and social media, hard copy materials such as brochures and pamphlets, signs, billboards, posters, magnets, banners, and any other medium that will get the word out.

People remember a dramatic or entertaining spot which is creatively put together.  Sometimes simplicity works best, so the message is short and sweet and to the point.  The commercial actor who is the “face” of the campaign will need to match the message.  This means, if the campaign is geared toward parents, the individual will need to look like a parent.  If it’s geared toward teachers, the individual should be able to pull off this role.

Many PSAs will take a multi-lingual or multi-cultural approach.  You may have to be fluent in more than one language in order to quality for the spot, and your presence and appearance will need to resonate to the entire intended audience.  You’ll often be given full instructions prior to auditioning, so you’ll know in advance what languages you’ll need to know.

Booking a successful PSA campaign can be a golden ticket to stardom.  Because these campaigns rely on being far-reaching, accessible, and repetitive, if you are the face and voice of the campaign, your image will literally seem as if it’s everywhere.  This will make you instantly recognizable.

This is precisely why many PSA campaigns rely on Hollywood’s heavy hitters to relay the message.  They are instantly recognizable to a vast number of people, which helps to make the message stick.  However, there are many campaigns that need someone unrecognizable at first to properly pull off the marketing plan.  The message needs to come from an “every day” person.  So, there are definitely opportunities available to those who are just getting started.

If you’re considering a PSA gig, make sure you have a solid understanding of what the message entails and its importance.  Follow all provided instructions thoroughly.  Then, focus on conveying the message in a believable way.  This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

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