If you want to break into the entertainment industry, you may be asking yourself whether you’ll need to move to a larger market.  But, before worrying about packing your bags, there’s a few other questions you’ll need to ask yourself.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have a clear plan in mind.  Are you hoping to be a model?  What kind of modeling?  Is your heart set on high fashion, commercial, parts, promotional or some other segment?  Have you always dreamed about being an actor?  What type?  Do you want to be on the big screen, on television, the next Broadway star?

Once you feel you have a path in mind, do your research.  Start locally.  Are there opportunities in your area to help you get started?  Do you live near a college or university with a film program in which students are looking for talent?  Is there a marketing company right around the corner that creates local advertising?

You’ll want to build a solid base resume-wise before considering making a bigger move.  If you head to a big city, you’ll get lost in the lights without any experience to showcase.  Casting directors and clients in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and other entertainment hotspots are looking to hire trustworthy talent, and they want to be able to check references.

Should you move to where the action is?  The answer is yes, eventually.  But, if you start small, get come credits under your belt, and build up your portfolio before relocating, you’ll have a much better chance of making it to the top.

So, perhaps the better question to ask yourself is, when should you make the move?  The key is to have patience and get busy close to home first, according to Project Casting.  While you’re out and about, make connections.  That film student is in the program because he or she has dreams of creating larger-than-life productions someday, too.  Who’s to say they won’t?

Network and don’t burn bridges.  Building your resume is as much about building a good reputation as it is listing the projects you’ve been involved with.  Hollywood has to want to want you.  And, if you don’t do the ground work, ensuring you’ve added connections along the way, that big-time director won’t be able to determine whether you’re a good investment.

After you’ve put in some work, start shopping for plane tickets and a new place to live.  You’ve earned it!

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