It’s always wise to be prepared.  If you’ve scored an audition, here are some items Backstage recommends bringing with you to help ensure your big moment goes as smoothly as possible.  Just make sure to pack ahead of time so you can stay focused on what matters the day of your appointment.

Audition Materials

Obviously, if you were given any documents in advance and were told do bring these with you, make sure you have them handy.  This could include a copy of the breakdown, script, project notes, or anything else that is important for you to reference while you’re waiting or while you’re actually in the room.

Extra Copies

Bring extras of your headshot and resume.  Make sure you have enough to go around if you’ll be auditioning for a panel or for more than one casting director.  You’ll also want to carry at least one extra copy with you at all times.  You never know who you’ll run into while you’re waiting.

Notebook and Pen

Be prepared to take notes – the old-fashioned pen and paper kind.  Keep a spiral notebook with questions you come up with while waiting your turn or jot down things to remember about the production, cast, or other project-related points you learn along the way.  You may also want to take down a phone number or two of the fellow actors auditioning for roles.  But, don’t interrupt if they are busy practicing.

Thumb Drive

Keep your reel and any digital images handy on a thumb drive.  You can also upload music if needed for the audition.  The drive will easily fit into your purse or pocket, so you don’t have to worry about any extra baggage.

Snacks and Water

It’s important to keep some food and drinks handy in case you suddenly feel faint.  Often, while you’re on your way, your nerves may suppress your appetite, causing you to forget to eat.  The effects of this could creep up at any time, and you won’t want to ruin your shot at stardom because your stomach’s growling or you’re too dehydrated.  Another good reason to pack some snacks is if you have any food allergies.  Sometimes some light refreshments will be provided but will be pretty standard and may not sit with you well.  If you require any special dietary accommodations, always bring what’s best for you.

Accessories and Cosmetics

Keep a small bag of the most essential items with you so you can touch up as needed.  Remember to throw in a safety pin or two, an extra hair tie or bobby pins, and any other emergency-eliminator you can come up with.  Should a clasp or tie break mid-way through the trip, you’ll want to have a quick and easy way to repair the mishap so your mind’s not focused on it when you’re up to bat.