If you’re on the go all the time, the last thing you probably want to deal with is finding a refrigeration source for your meals.  Often, ice and ice packs melt halfway through the day.  You’re better off choosing some travel friendly options that don’t require heating or cooling.  Here are some great grab-and-go favorites from RVShare.

Canned meat

Precooked chicken or tuna is a great protein source that doesn’t need to be prepped.  Just make sure to purchase a can with a pull tab or repackage in a Tupperware container before hitting the road.

Peanut butter

This is another good-for-you high protein food that can be stored at room temperature.  You can pair the spread with crackers, bread, or veggies and it’s sure to fill you up.

Beef Jerky

This meat is great for eating while on the road.  It’s a no-maintenance way to get a dose of protein in between gigs.


Pasta stays fresh long after it’s heated through even without refrigeration.  Put some in a container with a few cherry tomatoes, some black olives, and a dash of oil or Italian dressing for an easy travel option.

Granola bars

These are a long-time tried and true purse-stuffer.  Easy to grab and go, granola bars can pack a punch nutrition-wise.  Just make sure to scope the ingredients first and opt for a bar that is low in sugar.

Fruits and vegetables

There are many in this food family that can be eaten fresh without having to worry about wilt.  Cut up some celery or grab a handful of baby carrots for a car ride snack.  You can also pack tomatoes (which actually do better at room temperature), apples, cherries, strawberries, and many more on-the-go options.


As long as you’re willing to eat it at a less-than-hot temp, oatmeal is filling, nutrient-packed, and an easy option for snacking on the road.  You can always add some berries or apples for a sweeter taste or opt for an oatmeal bar instead of a traditional bowl.

There are more worry-free options for eating while on the road than one might at first expect.  Sometimes we get so used to the idea of prepping for each meal, we forget that there are time-saving choices that’ll work even when we’re hustling outside the home.  Just pack a snack the night before and you’ll be able to have a no-brainer nibbler long before you call it a night