Think not much thought goes into selecting your latest favorite bottle of perfume or cologne?  As your meandering up and down the cosmetic counters, sniffing one bottle after the other, think again.  Choosing a certain scent may say a lot about your personality, according to Cosmopolitan.

If you tend to lean more toward floral scents, for instance, you may not only be looking for a new favorite smell, but to be swept off your feet like your favorite Disney princess.  These options are designed for those who are romantic at heart and have an infinity for age-old elegance.  Florals have been around since the inception of smell-good scents and are the most timeless of all.  They are the perfect finishing touch after some extra time in front of the vanity mirror.

If you opt for citrus, you like to take hold of the day and knock out as many have-to-get-dones as possible.  You tend to be complemented for smelling like a million bucks while making it.  You’re also used to inducing hunger in all those around you – “Who’s eating oranges?  Mmmm.  Can I have one?”  And, you’re highly energetic with a well-thought-out to-do list and the ability to keep things going no matter what.

Like outdoorsy options instead?  Traditional woodland scents like pine, cedar, and sandalwood scream creative, yet well-grounded.  You are likely to be drawn to the earth and all of the beauty in it.  You tend to be spotted at art conventions, outside mending your garden, cooking like Bobby Flay, or writing your next novel.  You also like your time alone to regroup and collect your thoughts.

If you prefer to smell like you’ve just walked into a bakery or arrived home for Christmas dinner by spritzing on chocolate or spice-like scents, you are classy and cool all wrapped into one.  These scents compliment your already pristine sense of confidence while inducing I-want-what-they’ve-got stares.

There are those who opt only for calming, aromatherapy-like scents as well.  If you prefer to smell like a spa, you’re likely in need of some major relaxation.  Schedule a mani and pedi, or a deep tissue massage.  In the meantime, though, lavender will help calm your nerves and keeping you in balance.

You are what you wear, after all – when it comes to perfume or cologne, that is.  Consider this the next time your making your selection.  The person at the counter may get some more insight into what makes you tick than you expect!

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