If you’re hoping to stay ahead of the curve and update your fall and winter wardrobe to include the hottest new prints, there are quite a few to choose from.  Whether you like wearing plaids, stripes, or other patterns, you’ll be able to choose from an array of this fall’s fashion must-haves.

Scarves are back, and the prints are bolder than ever with many designers opting to mix and match even those that at first appear to clash.  You can try wearing two at a time or opting for a toga-like look by sporting a full-body scarf topped with one worn around the neck.

All sorts of animal prints are hitting the runway as well.  You’ll find everything from snake skin to leopard and cheetah prints, to zebra stripes and everything in between.  The natural colors of fall lend nicely to an animal-like ensemble.

Houndstooth is showing up in everything from winter jackets to hats, scarves, and handbags.  This long-running pattern is both classic and chic.  It’s great for professional ware or an evening at a high-end event.  You can find it in a multitude of color options, including the full fall palette as well as black and white for winter.

Plaids have stood the test of time and they’re back this season making an appearance in unexpected ways.  You’ll find plaids paired with polka dots and layered under solids.  They’re even showing up knee-length leggings and on tennis shoes.

Zebra prints aren’t the only stripes hitting the streets.  There are a number of different colors and combinations of stripes, as well as an array of varying widths from large and bold to small and less defined.  Stripes are figure-flattering and can be positioned to trick the eye into taking notice of only certain parts of the wardrobe.  They are great for adding emphasis and interest.

Autumn florals ad appeal to any attire.  These patterns offer an variety of beautiful fall colors all in one flattering look.  You’ll find golds, reds, and tans printed on black and brown backdrops.  Some subtly scattered green leaves adds pop.

You’ll also take notice of heartland knits this fall and winter with the pattern adding a comforting home-like feel to sweaters, parkas, scarves, jackets, and bags.  They’re a great way to get noticed while presenting a more traditional look.

There are a number of prints that are making it to store shelves as the weather begins to change and the holidays approach.  Fall and winter tends to be a time of both party-going and family gatherings.  So, showcase your fashion savvy self by grabbing a new outfit or two and mix and match with the latest accessories before the next event.