If you’ve been booked for a fashion show — congratulations!  This means the designer believes you have what it takes to wear their wares.  It also means they’re expecting you to be professional and poised every step of the way.  Properly preparing for the show will ensure you stay on point the day of the big event.  Here are some tips from The Model Life.

First, you’ll want to be wearing trendy, but looser fitting clothing when you arrive.  You will not come in the attire you’ll be flaunting for the audience.  This is kept under lock and key by all of the hard-working professionals that are bringing the show to life.  It’s important the clothing remains in great shape ahead of time, so there’s no need to take it home with you.

Always remember to wear nude undergarments so they won’t show through your wares.  You don’t’ want to risk wearing anything underneath that will distract from the clothing being displayed.  Make sure these garments fit appropriately and are snug enough to stay in place as you’re transitioning between outfits and strutting down the runway.

Bring along a large tote bag with a set of heels, your portfolio and cards, and some bottled water and snacks. You’ll want to make sure you are well-nourished and physically prepared to get the job done, focusing on the task at hand the entire time you’re presenting rather than being preoccupied with needing to fill up.

Speaking of being physically prepared, in the days leading up to the event, take extra care of your hygiene and keep your skin well moisturized.  If you have a break out before the big day, keep skin makeup free until it heals.  Properly tend to any blemishes.  Make sure your hair is freshly washed and worn down on the day of the event, so it can be teased however a stylist sees fit.

Stay alert and in tuned with your surroundings the entire time you’re at the venue.  Don’t be preoccupied by your phone or a set of headphones.  This is a perfect opportunity to engage and network with others.  You’ll want to appear approachable, and you’ll need to stay alert for any guidance or direction offered by those behind the scenes.

Being booked for a fashion show is an exciting experience.  If it’s your first gig, working a show can be a great stepping stone to land additional opportunities.  Concentrate on performing professionally and remember to smile!

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