It’s true, skin can change significantly along with the weather.  On top of making us more tired and having to bundle up in layers, the changing weather can take a toll on our palette.  It’s important to be proactive with our complexions so we can avoid some of the not-so-pleasant changes fall tends to bring.  Stocking up on the season’s must-haves ahead of time will ensure you’re not left out in the cold.

One off the biggest concerns is blotchy, uneven skin.  As our tans begin to fade and our skin gradually changes colors, it can start to look patchy.  Dark patches can linger as our skin turns a paler color.  To combat uneven tone, exfoliating daily is key.  This will strip some of the old, dead skin away, leaving room for new growth and allowing changes to be far less unnoticeable.  Exfoliating the skin and applying a protective lotion over the new cells will help lock in moisture.

You’ll want to start incorporating a potent toner, too, and following with your typical moisturizing routine with a hydrate serum.  Toner is great for keeping color even and this routine will keep skin from drying in the harsh winds and cooler temperatures.  A hydrating serum can be applied to the cuticles as well to keep them from cracking, and you should make sure to apply moisture to your lip area.  No skin should be left unturned!  After all, it’s all susceptible to breakage and our mouths, fingers, and toes tend to get dry and chapped as the weather changes.

Dressing appropriately and covering transitional skin with protective ware can also keep it healthy.  Wear a jacket and layer with hats and scarves as needed.  Wear looser fitting boots as opposed to those that hug your toes, causing the skin around them to dry out.  Wear gloves as needed.

Protecting skin from weather changes is especially important in the modeling world, whether you’re a traditional or parts model.  Your clients will expect you to be proactive and look your best no matter what the weather brings.  It’s also important for any gig in which you’ll need to be in front of the camera, as lighting often amplifies flaws.

Take a little extra time in the morning and before bed to lather up with lotion and add in a product or two that will help combat seasonal effects.  Shield skin whenever heading outdoors.    For more tips, check out the Academy of Beauty Professionals.

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