Looking for some simple, yet healthy meals that will take no time at all to whip up at the end of your busy day?  Here are a few suggestions that are both nutritious and take the guesswork out of cooking.


Easy to whip up when you’re short on time, and complete with a variety of food groups, this healthy dinner packs a punch.  Hamburger will provide your body with the protein you crave.  Tomatoes are packed with carotenoids, particularly lycopene, with is an excellent antioxidant and aids in reducing the risk of prostate and pancreatic cancer.   Lettuce contains vitamin C and beta-carotene to help regulate cholesterol levels, and contains healthy fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6.  Corn tortillas are an excellent source of fiber.  And, the whole meal is low in calories.

Grilled Chicken and Vegetables

Have a George Foreman or are you a grill master extraordinaire?  Chicken can be thawed at room temperature ahead of time and Italian dressing makes a savory marinade.  Throw it on the grill when you’re ready to feast and heat through.  Then, use a wok to add roasted vegetables tossed in coconut oil on the side for a protein-packed, low-calorie meal that’s super simple.

Baked Salmon and Brown Rice

Salmon is a heavy-hitter health-wise.  It is rich in omega-3, B vitamins, protein, and potassium among other must-have ingredients.  It can be thawed at room temperature before meal time, then placed inside a sheet of foil with lemon juice, pepper, and garlic and thrown in the oven.  Brown rice contains selenium, which is known to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and arthritis, and manganese, which helps support nervous system function and promotes weight loss.


Brown some hamburger in a skillet, drain, and add to your slow cooker.  Then, dump in cans of desired vegetables – corn and green beans are great options – along with chili or kidney beans in liquid, diced tomatoes, and tomato puree.  Add chili powder to taste, and cayenne pepper if you like it spicier.  Then, turn the dial to “high” and let it heat through.  A total meal all in one, the meat and beans are high in protein and the vegetables and tomatoes add excellent nutritional value.  The heartiness of the concoction is sure to fill you up in no time flat.

Looking for other easy and complete meals that will help you to meet your daily health requirements?  Visit the AllRecipes site for more great options.

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