When you become entrenched in the entertainment industry, you’ll quickly discover you have a full schedule.  It’s important to manage this schedule to the best of your ability, so you don’t miss out on any potential breakthrough opportunities and you don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

There are a multitude of ways you can ensure you stay organized and manage your appointments.  Some prefer to use pen and paper, others are more comfortable with using the latest technology.  The important thing is to keep whatever tool you choose handy and easily accessible, so you can add to it and cross-out tasks as necessary.  Here are some tools that may help:

 Invest in a planner.  Those that prefer the pen and paper method to organization may find it useful to purchase a planner that is pint-sized enough to carry at all times.  This means, it fits in your pocket, purse, briefcase, or bag, and you can easily pull it out and jot down each new to-do.  Planners contain calendars, typically for each month of the current year, so it’s easy enough to pencil in an event on the proper date.

 Use email.  An electronic alternative of the traditional planner is email.  Many email systems have calendars in which users can input, color-code, and easily organize upcoming events.  Smartphones also provide an electronic calendar in which users can input similar notes into the device.  The bonus of using these systems is that a reminder, if enabled, will pop-up prior to the next task.  You can set this reminder for right before the event, or days prior, just depending on what’s most likely to catch your attention and stick in the memory bank.

 Use Word or Google Docs.  Sometimes, all you need is a running to-do list with the following week’s tasks, which can be captured in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or in similar tools.  Simply type each appointment into the specified day and delete or strikethrough any accomplished tasks as you go.  You can color-code as an alternative.  These lists can easily be saved forever or deleted and replaced as needed.

 Dry Erase Boards.  These are a favorite of business executives in conference rooms.  They’ve long been used to capture team to-do lists.  But, they can also be purchased fairly inexpensively from any office supply store for in-home use.  And, while they’re not portable, one can quickly snap a photo of the board before going mobile.  Double-sided tape will adhere the board to an eye-catching surface, so you can glance at your daily list, snap a photo and get on with your day.  When you return in the evening, simply wipe away all that you’ve accomplished and add in new appointments as necessary.

Whatever method you choose to stay organized, the important thing to remember is to stay organized.  This is especially important when you begin to gain more and more exposure in the industry, which will lead to more and more important appointments.  Missing just one could been missing your big chance at stardom!