There are some cosmetics, accessories, and styling tools that never seem to go out of…well, style.  Here are a few that have endured for decades.

The caboodle. What’s not to love about his makeup and accessory storage box with collapsible drawers?  With all different size options, you can select the one that’s sure to fit all of your must-haves and carry it with you just about anywhere.  The caboodle makes organization on-the-go easy.

The slap bracelet. This must-have accessory first made its debut in the late 1980s, and teenagers everywhere were quick to grab the snap on bracelets when they first hit the shelves.  While its been the subject of controversy a time or two with some claiming its unsafe to snap it leading to a temporary removal from the market, the trend reappeared almost just as quickly as it went.  And, now, it looks the bracelet is likely to live forever.

Scrunchies. This is another trend that just doesn’t want to die.  Scrunchies are still seen just about everywhere pulling back locks or adorned on wrists for later use.  While the styles have been updated – a little less puff, perhaps less ‘80s flare – the scrunchy’s usability is the most likely reason for its longevity.

Lip Smackers. With so many delicious flavors, it’s no wonder this chap stick has never gone out of style.  Pre-teens, teens, and adults alike love the variety sets that allow for easy and fun flavor-switching with each new day.  It’s easy to stuff a few in your purse for extra lip protection, and you can pick up a new pack at just about any drug store nearby.

Jelly Shoes. When these first appears in the ‘90s, they were primarily for the younger crowd.  Now you can find jellies in all sizes, especially during the summer months when they can be worn at the beach.  Waterproof and still trendy, these shoes are often paired with coverups and worn in place of their close cousins – traditional flipflops.

Mini Backpacks.  These are still all the rage, of course!  Smaller than your average bag, they are more like a purse, but you don’t have to worry about wearing down one shoulder or carrying it in your hand.  Just strap a purse-sized bag on your back and you’re ready to hit the stores.

Plaid. The popularity of this pattern may have peaked in the ‘90s, but it can still be seen in many fashionable outfit choices trending today.  Plaid scarves, hats, pants, and even the traditional button-down shirts are still part of stylish attire.

Some trends really do stand the test of time.  So, feel free to sigh with relief and dig out those storage boxes.  There may just be a few things you don’t have to donate…yet.