In order to break into the world of fashion, you have to be unique.  You have to think creatively and be able to invent looks that appear forward-thinking and intriguing, which are well-received by those who matter.  You’ll want to grab the attention of onlookers while still putting together fashionable attire that others will actually wear.

To be most successful, you’ll need to keep up with trends and have a solid understanding of the latest hitting the streets, as well as what will work and what won’t.  Then, you’ll want to tweak what’s already out there a bit to make it your own.  You must have strong drawing skills, so you can bring your creations to life.

Being in fashion design means having an eye for detail and understanding what elements and textures will truly complete a piece.  You’ll need to know what the most sought-after colors and looks are, as well as what is considered outdated, and have an imagination to visualize what’s never been done before.

As a designer, you’ll also need to understand who the most common industry players are and be able to work well with others.  You’ll likely need to partner with those who will actually create the pieces and the models who will wear them.  You’ll need to be business savvy enough to get your ideas out there so they’re visible to the right crowd.

As with any entertainment position, you’ll need to know how to market yourself and your brand.  You’ll need to have a strong portfolio, a noteworthy social media presence, and an understanding of the inner workings of sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Model Mayhem.

The fashion world is highly competitive, and you’ll need to have that special, creative edge in order to stand out and gain a solid, lasting footing.  Networking is key.  Set up local fashion shows and try to draw in your market and know when all the big fashion shows, such as those in New York and Los Angeles, so you can try showcasing your wares there.

Make sure the items you design will fit a variety of body shapes and sizes for the furthest reach.  You may want to consider creating multiple lines – one geared toward women, one toward men, one toward children, and a line for those who are plus-sized.

Fashion is a business, and you have to make it your business in order to be successful.  This means, it has to be your main focus and you’ll need to work hard.  But, hard work has a tendency to pay off!