You may get the urge to transition your look with every new season. This is natural. There are new trends in makeup, hair, and clothing that hit the street, leaving us with an itch to switch things up a bit. So, as winter draws near, you may once again be looking to revamp your cosmetic bag and wardrobe. What are some must-dos to pull off the latest look?

Winter usually brings with it a darker palette makeup-wise. You’ll probably want to wear smoky eyes and dark lip colors, such as burgundy, maroon, or violet. These colors stand out against skin that won’t be exposed to the sun anytime soon. Adding liquid blush will help to lighten things up a bit and keep your cheeks from looking so dull and dreary.  Make sure to keep up with moisturizing as your skin is exposed to harsher weather.

You may want to try out a darker hair color, too. If you’re a natural redhead, perhaps you opt for a deeper shade of red. Brunettes may choose to try out black, and blondes may infuse red or purple layers into their natural locks. Ombres are especially popular during this time with deeper shades added to the longest layers.  Another trend that tends to be pop up this time of year is growing out shorter styles for added warmth when the weather gets cold. Men will often grow out their facial hair, too, to shield themselves from cooler temperatures.

Full-length cotton jackets act as added armor against the cold, and the season’s hottest hats and scarves offer much-needed extra layers. Asymmetrically patterned peacoats, parkas, and puffy jackets are popular and pair perfectly with knee-length boots and knitted caps. Cardigans and wool sweaters are sure to secure warmth and look great topped with chunky jewelry.  Baggy turtlenecks are also back as are patterned leggings and large tote bags.

Cable knit sweaters are both cozy and fashionable and checkered patterns offer a festive vibe that’s perfect for the holidays. Closed-toe heels are great if you’ll be mainly indoors, or waterproof rubber boats will keep feet dry even when it’s wet outside. Scarves of all lengths add that perfect finishing touch to any outfit while protecting your neck line.

Whether you choose to completely overhaul your look this season or swap out a few summery pieces for winter wares, you’ll want to make sure your skin stays protected and you’re considering both your fashion sense and functionality. Then, enjoy your new look until the next new season!

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