If you are a fashion enthusiast, you probably have a wealth of fabulous finds tucked away in your closet.  You have just the right ensemble for every season, complete with the perfect shoes and accessories.  But you know that sooner or later you’ll run out of space, so you may be asking yourself which pieces are worth conserving as you switch out the others.

As fall nears and you’re considering stocking up while clearing out, ask yourself which are worth hanging onto for their versatility.  There are a few that seem to stand the test of time and have earned a closet mainstay.

The striped top

You know the one – long-sleeved, slim fit cotton top usually with black stripes on a white backdrop.  This shirt is perfect for pairing with a jacket and slim fit jeans.  It can also be paired with yoga pants and tennis shoes.  The colors can be worn with just about any pallet pants-wise, and you can even pair it with a long fall skirt.


They’re here to stay.  You may as well preserve every color you already own.  Leggings are perfect for a knit sweater dress, a long top, a short one, under a shirt – you name it.  They pair perfectly with just about any footwear.

Sleeveless jean jacket

This is another item that is worn to complete a variety of looks.  You can wear the jacket with a pair of black slim fit pants and boots with a turtle neck, a three-quarter length top, or a short-sleeved shirt.  It also looks great with a pair of gym pants and a casual top.  The sleeveless jean jacket comes in many different washes with white wash being a long-time fav, or you can snag a solid denim.

Knee-length or over-the-knee boots

These icons some back every fall and last long into the winter and even early spring.  They can be paired with dresses, leggings, yoga pants, jeans, or tights.  Keeping a simple black, brown, and tan pair in stock is a must, and there are a variety of other options worth considering.  If you have a waterproof pair, these are great in rainy or snowy weather.  Many are made to be worn all day rather than transitioned once inside.

As you being to select your fall attire, make sure to hang on to these gems.  If you hastily part with them, you’re liking to be rebuying anyway!