Busy booking gigs?  There are a few new and exciting hair tools that are lining shelves this year, which are sure to save you time.  Here are a few of the top must-haves, according to Bustle.                                                                                                      

Five Styling Options in One Tool. The xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand Set comes with five interchangeable barrels that will allow you to adorn any type of curl you can come up with.  Want looser locks for a voluminous look, or tighter curls for a fab updo?  How about both at the same time?  No problem!  Just switch out the barrels and use whatever works best for each section.

Hair Brush, Smoother, and Straightener All in One. That’s right, now you have the added benefits of straightening and smoothing out your hair as you comb through it with the new tool, Magnifeko.   The brush heats up to 450 degrees, so you can do the entire job at once.  It’s perfect when time is limited.

No-break Hair Bands. These unique ponytail holders are sure to secure locks without leading to breakage.  Be on the lookout for the invisibobble original traceless hair ring if your delicate hair needs to be thrown back.

Automatic Hair Curler. Kiss Products’ Instawave Automatic Hair Curler takes the guess work out of which way to spin the barrel.  Just hold the device up to your hair and press the arrows.  It will automatically grab and twirl your locks, creating perfect curls without having to manually roll from the ends.

Dryer/Styler Duo Tool. If you find you waste a lot of time drying your hair, then having to style, try doing it all at once with the InStyler MAZ WET TO DRY 2-Way Rotating iron combo tool that includes both a blow dryer and brush, so you can get rid of dampness while combing through your mane.  When your hair is entirely dry, you won’t have to start on round two.

Moisture-infusing Flat Iron. The Infinity Pro by Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron eliminates having to worry about drying out hair while you flatten it.  It releases a steam mist unto your locks as you style, so you can lock in moisture – separate styling serum no longer required.

If you have little time to worry about your locks, but need to ensure they’re always looking their best, consider picking up one or more of these new, inventive tools.  They’re sure to keep up with your style while keeping you from slowing down!

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