If you woke up one the first of the year determined to make 2019 your year to shine by establishing a resolution to do whether it takes to make it in entertainment, you’ve already positioned yourself for success.  Committing to this important life goal is the first step to stardom.

Of course, “success” means many things to many different people.  Perhaps it’s as simple as landing a certain number of auditions, updating your headshot, adding new images to your portfolio, or taking workshops designed enhance your skillset.  It could be much bigger, though – maybe you’re determined to reach super stardom, relocate to a more happening locale, or become an overnight social media success.

Whatever your goals may be for the new year, taking the steps necessary to achieve them is key to consciously manifesting the life of your dreams.  Taking action means you not only create new, appealing goals, but you make a point to pursue them.  There is power in conscious manifestation, and if you practice it, this very well could be your best year yet.

First, you must believe you can achieve – really believe it with your whole being.  You’ll have to choose to ignore any nay-sayers and quiet your own internal critic.  Make an effort to exude confidence whenever you’re at an industry event, positioned in front of the camera, or on stage at an audition.  Believe this is your big break.

Another way to consciously manifest the life you deserve is to take chances.  Maybe you master another form of acting, applying for a modeling gig outside of your “normal” range, or take an extended vacation to an area that has seen an increase in activity on the whim that you could have a shot to land your dream opportunity.

Commit to achieve your resolutions by starting with baby steps and working toward your ultimate goal.  If you are determined to relocate to Los Angeles or New York City, first vacation there for a bit and get to know the area.  This way you can make sure you position yourself well when you take the plunge.  If you want to learn new languages to open yourself up to additional castings, consider taking one at a time rather than bombarding yourself with an overload of information.  Sign up for a course that focuses on one language in particular or purchase the software online and teach yourself from home.

When you realize you are really only limited by your own fear and self-perceived limitations, new opportunities might seem to pop up everywhere.  This is because you’re plagued with tunnel vision when you choose to think only in black and white.  Change your perspective, think outside the box, and go for something in 2019 that used to seem impossible.

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