2019 brings with it a trend that is easy on the pocketbook – natural makeup.  While 2018 brought about a lot of color, glitter, and glam, 2019 is going back to the basics.  You can expect to see a return to a natural palette with browns, blush tones, and beiges taking the spotlight, according to Elite Daily.

This makeup palette is all about highlighting one’s natural beauty and accentuating the face’s best features while subtly minimizing flaws.  Have a perfect pout?  Try using a glossy clear gloss to draw attention to your lips.  Dazzling eyes?  Highlight these using a natural brow color enhancer, lash-boosting mascara and a light brown on the lid.

You can create sun-kissed skin by adding a touch of bronzer and a light blush to your cheekbones after applying a foundation that blends well with your skin tone.  Tinted moisturizers are really taking off this year with products that will add to your palette without creating a caked-on look.

There is a particular focus on drawing attention to the eyes in 2019, which means creating interest around the lids, lashes, and brow lines.  Brow basics are becoming more and more essential to keep in your back pocket as creating the perfect arch will add a finishing touch.  Getting a wax done is a great way to define the arch, at least initially.  Brow color that is not too bold can fill in any gaps.

Some are preferring to get lash extensions to really increase the wow factor.  If your lashes are lack luster and need a boost, consider getting these done professionally or opting to install them at home.  There is a special technique to adhering false lashes to your lids, of course, and you have to be especially careful with the glue used to keep them in place.

A new haircut may also enhance the area eye and your facial assets, in general.  Some ‘dos are specifically designed to draw attention to your facial features.  You may decide to get a layered look that’ll add depth to your cheekbones while really bringing out all of your best assets.

Of course, you can always opt for a more dramatic look, bringing back some of 2018’s boldness, for a night out on the town.  Experts agree that there is a difference between day makeup and night makeup and adding some more color to your nighttime routine will help to differentiate between the two.

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