With so much good food being served around the holidays, sometimes it’s hard to avoid binge eating.  But, if you must maintain your physique for a modeling contract or a role you’re undertaking, it can be important to stay on track with your eating habits in order to keep your job.  So, what are some ways to avoid overdoing it at a holiday gathering or heading to the fridge for some yummy leftovers after the guests have gone?  Here’s some tips from MeMD.

It’s important to always be open about your eating habits.  Those who binge eat often do so when no one is looking, because they are ashamed of their constant cravings that throw off a ‘normal’ eating schedule.  Sometimes simply talking about an unhealthy connection with food is the best way to avoid overdoing it.

It’s also important not to skip any meals.  You can modify the way you eat and munch on goodies several times throughout the day rather than waiting for the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Studies have shown that one’s metabolism actually works best when eating several small meals, as well as a few snacks in between, rather than focusing fewer, large-portioned meals.  This is especially important for those who suffer from with sugar regulation, such as individuals with hypoglycemia or diabetes.  Maintaining healthy sugar levels throughout the day is the best way to regulate digestion and mood.

Practicing mindfulness during meal time can be a great way to start understanding your connection to eating.  Mindfulness helps individuals to connect with the present moment and better understand associated feelings.  If you find that you’re hungry all the time, take a moment to analyze what is happening that may be contributing to your search for food.  Are you overly tired?  Sad?  Lonely?  Upset?  Emotional eating is more common than one may think.  Turning to eating in times of emotional stress can be an unhealthy mechanism for eliminating any unpleasant underlying feelings.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you are following a well-balanced diet and consuming enough good-for-you foods throughout the day to keep your energy levels up so you can perform at your best.  Never starve yourself or eliminate a food category entirely in order to accomplish your dietary goals.  Doing so will only lead to obsessing over any off-limits foods, causing binging in the long-run.  Consume a wide variety of foods, all in moderation, and you’re much more likely to stick to a healthy eating routine indefinitely.

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