If you’re auditioning for a role that you really want, you may be practicing responses to some of the most common questions actors are asked by casting directors.  After all, practice makes perfect, right?  Understanding what might be asked of you in advance and preparing your responses is the best way to ensure you appear confident and composed.  So, what are some of the questions you might be asked and how should you respond?  Here are some ways to offer effective answers, according to The Balance.

Tell me a little about yourself.  This is essentially the ‘elevator interview’ question.  You’ll want to hit all the high points without being too long-winded.  Mastering how you’ll respond to this question in just a few seconds is essential.  You’ll want to incorporate important personal interests, your education and experience, and what motivates you.  For a fun twist, include a random fact that will help you stand out from the other auditionees.

Why are you perfect for the role?  You’ll want to answer this one as concisely as possible.  This means, you’ll need to know the role inside and out before you even step through the door.  Connect your off-stage self with the character you’re hoping to portray and respond with something that means sense.  Offer any prior experience or training that fits and include any personality traits you have which you feel will help bring the character to life.

How do you handle pressure?  This is a very valid question in the entertainment industry.  You will be under a lot of pressure to give it your best if you’re booked for a project.  You’ll have to be able to wade the waters when things get stressful, schedules are adjusted, or pieces of a project are scrapped and replaced with new, unforeseen elements.  It’s important to convey that you are adaptable and handle change with ease.  You’ll want to offer some tangible insight, including what you do for self-care.  For instance, when things get overwhelming, maybe you go for a run, meditate, journal, or review the script one more time.  Your response has to be believable and you’ll need to make sure you stay cool, calm, and collected.

Taking the time to prepare prior to an audition is key and understanding what might be asked of you ahead of time will help you to stay on point in front of any casting director.  Always remember to review any audition materials you’re given and the role you’re vying for ahead of time, so you can feel confident on the big day.

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