Getting injured while trying to get fit for a role can really set you back.  You don’t want to risk having to take time off to heal a broken bone, pulled muscles, or a sore back.  So, what are some ways you can avoid having to head to the doctor right before you’re due to be on set?  Here are some preventive measures you can take to ensure your exercise efforts actually pay off, according to Very Well Fit.

The first thing you should do before taking on any new routine is consider scheduling a routine physical with your doctor.  You may not have done so since you played sports in high school, but regardless of where you’re at in life, if you’re going to be picking up weights or jogging a mile for the first time in ages, you’ll want to make sure your body won’t give out on you.  The appointment should be quick and painless and will give you a better idea of which routines you should and shouldn’t try.

Consider working with a personal trainer, too.  After all, they are experts at understanding what you need to do in order to accomplish your individual health goals.  If you need to drop a few pounds or bulk up quickly in order to take on a specific role, trainers are a great time-saving resource.  They can offer tips and tricks to make sure you meet your goals by the time the project starts and stay on track while it’s in production.

Don’t overdo it.  Make sure to always warm up prior to beginning a new routine and cool down afterwards.  Stretch your muscles beforehand and afterwards so they stay limber and heal quickly.  Never take on an exercise you know your body can’t handle or try to keep up with someone else’s plan.  You should focus on your own physical abilities and pursue workouts that will help you to achieve your individual goals.  It will do you no good to compare yourself with someone else – everyone is different.

Make sure you have the nutrients in you to give your body the energy it needs.  Eat well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day and never skip on eating prior to heading to the gym.  Make sure to always have a bottle of water handy, too, so you can stay hydrated.  Getting enough H20 throughout your routine will help keep muscles from cramping.

Taking some simple preventive measures prior to beginning an exercise routine is the best way to avoid injuries.  If you’ve landed a role that requires some gym time, make sure you’re listening to your body while working toward your fitness goals.

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