You may think background is just background.  It’s meant to blend in and not be noticed.  However, background can add more than what at first meets the eye, and it’s important to consider the backdrop of your video production in order to produce quality content that doesn’t go unnoticed.

The very idea of creating a video rather than simply penning a concept is to incorporate eye-catching visuals that are both aesthetically appealing and informational.  Background themes, colors, and props will give off a certain vibe that will aid, or retract from, the overall purpose of the video.  A production that does not include an appropriate background will not appeal to its intended audience.

Just the color that’s chosen for the backdrop is an essential component of the production.  This will convey emotion and atmosphere and will effectively deliver the message if the proper color is chosen.  If you are producing a lighthearted video, for example, it wouldn’t make much sense to incorporate a black background that is dark and dreary.  If the video is mean to evoke dark and dreary emotions, however, this may be an appropriate choice.

Bright colors, such as eye-appealing reds, blues, greens, and yellows are great for toy commercials, while light, monotone colors and stark white may be more appropriate for medical videos.  You don’t want the background to clash with the props you use, or to detract from what’s being spoken on screen.

Location and lighting are also key factors to consider.  You’ll want to make sure the proper amount of light is used so there aren’t any awkward shadows cast on the actors and the viewer is able to see clearly what is happening in the scene.  You’ll want to make sure to film in a location that is not too noisy or busy that it takes away from what’s supposed to be the center of attention.  You don’t want to film somewhere where the scene is likely to be interrupted or where there are far too many distractions.

The last piece of the background is audio.  Even though we often don’t consider background music when we’re focused on a film, it’s a big part of pulling together a proper ambiance.  The audio track offers that final finishing touch that adds to the production by amplifying the emotion and atmosphere being portrayed.

Each of these elements are important to consider when creating any type of video.  If one piece is missing, the whole production will fall flat.  Incorporating the right background, however, help to deliver an unforgettable final product.

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