Your modeling portfolio is what you will use to showcase your best looks and range as a professional model.  There is a specific format to follow to ensure you’re getting noticed in the right way.  Since your portfolio is essentially your visual resume for potential clients, you’ll want to make sure it is appropriately laid out.

Include 12 to 16 of your best shots.  Use only those that are high quality.  Never enlarge a photo if it becomes fuzzy.  Use a smaller image if necessary.  The key is to showcase only professional images (no selfies).

Choose a variety of photos from all different angles that show off your versatility.  Make sure to wear a different style of clothing in the shots and wear your hair and makeup in different ways. You’ll want to appear adaptable and able to represent a wide range of products.

Organize the images in a professional portfolio binder with page protectors.  Since the front and back tend to be most impactful from a marketing standpoint, display the highest quality images in these sections.  Clients will take notice of a front photo that stands out from the rest and makes them want to flip through the book.  The back photo will leave a lingering last impression – you’ll want it to be a good one.

You should also keep a digital copy of your pictures handy at all times in case the client prefers to view digital images, or you are emailing your shots.  You’ll want to have both mediums with you wherever you go so you’re always prepared.  Some models get picked off the streets when they least expect it!  Having some shots to share is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Again, make sure your images are diverse.  Include both color and black and white images, headshots and full-length body shots.  Try to include different facial expressions – both serious and lighthearted options.  Clients will want to see all sides of your personality.

If you have any photos from past gigs you feel should be included, consider grabbing a few extra copies of printed publications and using tear sheets – actually tear them out (carefully) and keep these for clients to review.

Above all, make sure you present well in person, too.  You’ll want to look clean cut and professional when presenting your portfolio.  After a few go-sees, you’re sure to get the hang of things!