Have you ever wondered how your favorite stars are able to keep their hair from getting destroyed despite constantly having to change up their look?  They’re routinely dying their locks, showing up on the red carpet with elaborate hairstyles, having their hair teased this way and that for photo shoots.  How is it that despite the beating these manes take on, they still always look healthy?


There a few tricks to the trade that celebrities swear by, according to Marie Claire.  They have to look their best at all times, so they take their hair care routines very seriously and they spare no expense at keeping their locks in tip-top shape.  Here are a few tips to remember if you’re hoping to get a star-quality ‘do without spending a ton of cash.

Take your vitamins

Celebrities have a vitamin regimen that they would never let slip.  Vitamins keep the scalp healthy, which, in turn, helps hair to grow.  So, if a few split ends show up that need a chop, new growth is never far behind.

Remember the deep conditioner

On your days off, allow your hair to soak in some much-needed nutrients by applying a deep conditioner.  This will help soothe strands that have been exposed to chemical damage from hair dye or constant heat.  It’ll restore much needed moisture in no time flat.

Consider trading in your towel

Celebrity hair stylists suggest drying your locks with an old cotton shirt rather than the harsh strands of a traditional towel.  Your mane is most fragile when you’re just stepping out of the shower, which can very easily lead to breakage.  Gently patting dry with cotton clothing is much less abrasive and can save strands from splitting.

Protect against heat

If you use heat to dry or style your hair, you need to apply a protector. Hair oils will keep your locks from overheating and will help to lock in color, which will save you from reapplying chemicals as often.

Use extensions or wigs

If you want to boldly change your look overnight without a long-term commitment, opt for synthetic hair.  Stars do this all the time.  This way, you can protect your natural locks from constant, drastic change.  This is a great way to sample a new look before you’re completely convinced you want to make a change.

Hair health is easy to maintain if you give your mane the attention it needs.  Baby your locks and you’ll preserve your look longer.

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