If your dream is to become a celebrity makeup artist, and you believe you have the creativity and artistic intuition to be successful, here are some ways to get your foot in the door and what to expect once you do.

Go to school and get licensed first.  When you’re finished, get out there and reign in as much experience as possible.  As with any other entry level position, you should expect to get paid boat loads of money when you’re first getting started but building up your resume gradually will help you achieve your dreams.

It’s important to understand that makeup artistry is a lot of work.  If you’re booked for a gig, you’re probably going to be spending an extra-long day on set or in studio applying makeup, then making sure the stars have the proper touch-ups throughout the day.  This will allow you to work intimately with them, which is exciting, but at the end of the day, it still requires hard work.

Also, because you will be working with celebrities so closely, learn to expect to see a lot of imperfections that you don’t when you’re in the audience of a stage play or at the move theater.  You’ll have to know how to correctly and precisely cover flaws, such as acne, plastic surgery scars, uneven skin, and other blemishes.  Some clients may make unordinary requests, asking you to make their lips look larger, their foreheads smaller, their cheekbones more defined.  They want to look perfect when they’re performing.

Make sure to stock up on the best products.  You’ll get to know your favorite lines largely by trial and error.  You can practice applying these to yourself at home.  Carry a wide variety with you so you have what it takes to cater to an array of facial features.  While you’re at it, try new, cutting edge techniques or try your hand at something that’s originally yours to really set yourself apart.

Once you’ve built up your brand and made a name for yourself, expect to be booked – like, all the time.  Your name will likely get thrown around in celebrity circles and you should have a flexible enough schedule to accommodate incoming requests.  This is the point of no return!  You’ve made it!

It can be exciting to work so closely with Hollywood’s heavy hitters.  Above all, stay professional and keep your client conversations confidential.  You’ll probably hear a thing or two that’s not in the tabloids, and your ability to keep this to yourself will go a long way.  Word of mouth travels fast in the world of entertainment!

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