Have to get a pair of glasses for the first time?  Looking to swap your old frames for ones that are a better fit?  Don’t just grab the first trendy option you spot.  Here’s a guide to buying the best pair for your face shape, according to All About Vision.

The face of your shape plays a significant role in which set of glasses is going to look best.  Just because a model wears them well doesn’t mean they’re going to look great on everyone.  To determine your face shape, simply pull your hair back (if necessary) and look directly into a mirror.  There are seven primary shapes.  Here’s the list and the best pairs to pick:


An oval face is ideal because of its balanced proportions.  For this feature, shop for frames that are as wide as the broadest part of the face.  Walnut-shaped frames are typically your best choice.


A heart-shaped face has a wide top third and a narrow bottom third.  To reduce the apparent width of the top of the face, choose frame shapes that are wider at the bottom.  Thin and light-colors or rimless frames are great.


A square face has a strong jaw and a broad forehead.  The width and length are roughly the same. To make a square face look longer and soften its angles, try narrow frame styles, such as oval lenses.


A round face shape has curved lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no angles.  To make a round face appear longer, try angular narrow eyeglasses that add length.  Rectangular frames that are wider than they are thick also work well.


An oblong face is longer than it is wide.  To make it appear shorter, pick up frames that have more depth than width.  Frames with decorative or contrasting temples will also add balance.


Diamond-shaped faces are narrow at the forehead and jawline and have broad cheekbones.  This is the rarest face shape. To add emphasis to the eye area while softening the cheeks, try frames that have distinctive brow lines.  Those with oval or cat-eye shapes are also good choices.

Base-down Triangle

This face shape includes a narrow forehead and widens at the cheek and chin areas.  To emphasize the narrow upper third of the face, try frames that are heavily accented with color and detailing on top.

It’s easy to pick out eyeglasses that will highlight your individual features.  Once you’ve determined your shape, take a look at the latest trends available in the style that best suits you – inside and out.

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